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Little Big Show

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Russian teenage girls hate pimples and advertising but they love Erop Kpna – Russia’s equivalent of Justin Bieber and the number one celebrity for the target audience Garnier wanted to reach with its new Pure 3 in 1 face cleansing product.


During Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day, Garnier paired up with the pop star and created the little BIG Show – a digital centred promo campaign.


All a consumer had to do was buy the new Pure product and install a new app from Garnier. Then just like that, as you took a picture or video of the new product through the app, through augmented reality the Russian star would appear in the shot singing and dancing in whatever circumstances/environment the consumer chose.

Girls got more and more creative with their ideas and even took videos of themselves dancing alongside the star – and that’s how the flash mob dance started!

Check out the case study film here:


Girls who hated ads began shooting and sharing them for Garnier.

There were 21,000 unique user generated ad videos with 28.5 million views in social media.

The campaign led to sales growth of 49% and Pure 3-in-1 became a market leader (growing from 27% to 36%). 

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May 2016 - ongoing
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