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There are many free stock libraries in the world but none of which offer PSA videos – until two creatives left their jobs for six months and created the world's first social awareness library. Introducing Crazy Enough to Change the World – the first PSA library. 


The two guys created the world's first open source creative video library with creative material highlighting key social issues and public causes across the globe.  

All of these campaigns were placed in the media library and both organisations and individuals could customise the videos and translate them into their own language – all completely free of charge.  


Popular musicians from all over the world started using the films as their official music videos and charities used them to make a difference in their communities.  

The first video in the library was a domestic violence tutorial which teaches women how to defend themselves against abusers.  

Then, to prove that one tree in Europe is equally as important as the millions being destroyed in Brazil everyday, a tree was chopped down in the middle of Paris.  

In a social experiment, a kid's skin colour was changed to unveil racism among young children.  

For breast cancer, a five minute customisable clip of nothing but bouncing boobs was filmed and ended with a surprising message that 'Beauty needs to be nurtured. Take your regular breast exam.'  

And to raise awareness on child abuse, a music video was filmed through the mobile phone on a convicted peadophile 

Also, a product that inspires people to quit smoking was invented and tested in Austria.  

For safe driving, there were 24 tweets illustrating the stupidest speeding excuses.  

And for organ donation, a simple 'give a heart mechanic' on Instagram was developed and supported by a video confession of a little girl looking for a new heart.  

Check out the campaign video here: 


The customised videos reached millions of people around the world, resulting in 4.3 million+ online video views, more than 6.2 million social media impressions and 375,000+ likes, reposts and comments.  

The videos were aired on MTV and the campaign attracted global celebrities including Victoria's angels, NBA players and international film makers. Soon, both global and regional networks were all over the story – with the campaign message featured 331 times in 16 countries.  

The Crazy Enough to Change the World message was spread across all media channels and the guys even became national heroes of the week on national TV. 

Without any media budget and by giving every single person on the planet the chance to run a campaign of their own, the initiative managed to raise awareness on issues in different cultures across the globe.   

We all know that changing the world is never easy but when has that ever stopped crazy people from trying!

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