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Pizza Hut Mini Plate Mega Treat

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Pizza Hut is one of the leading chain restaurants in Hong Kong, with over 40% of business coming from its members. Its members were the ones who love the brand and keep coming back. The brand’s mission impossible would be possible if it could convince them to come more frequently.

Not to mention a loyalty programme with a Pizza Hut membership app was already in place the year before. This meant an additional Owned Channel of communication was open.

The challenge: Its popularity was the enemy.

Yet, it observed that customers started to feel bored with the food. With people getting less and less excited about the menu, business was on a downward trend from 2015 (negative 7% growth YOY) with average visit frequency dropping by 4.9% [sales data provided by Pizza Hut].

So how could it leverage on its owned channels and re-ignite the excitement and love of its members to its food? 

Insight: Win their share of camera first before winning their share of stomach and heart again. With the “camera-eat-first” social culture becoming an integral part of its members’ lives, excitement of food comes from the moment before enjoying the food. So, how could it provide such a moment without the heavy burden and operation cost of changing the food at all? 


The strategy was to excite its members (and their cameras) by shrinking Pizza Hut’s food.

Through the social CRM database, the agency selected eight of the most popular dishes that were on a downward sales trend. Inspired by the upcoming trend of Japanese miniatures, it shrank popular dishes into miniatures with the technology of 3D scanning. The popular dishes now were not only delicious but also cute and loveable. Members simply couldn’t resist to share the food on their social platforms.

These mini plates were more than desirable collectables for social sharing. They were also digital coupons for free dishes exclusive to Pizza Hut members.

Four simple steps to get the Mini Plates:
1. Enjoy a meal at Pizza Hut for $250 or more
2. Get a Mini Plate coupon in the Pizza Hut membership app
3. Select your favourite Mini Plate
4. Scan the QR code on the Mini Plate and get a free dish at your next visit, be it dine-in or delivery.

The mini plates were not only “camera-eat-first” friendly, they were great incentive for another visit with Pizza Hut too! 

Through its database, the agency looked into customers’ different food preferences. Customers were segmented and communications via the Pizza Hut Membership App were tailored accordingly. For example, mini plate coupons of their most ordered dishes were given to them, not just a randomly selected mini plate. This made the digital coupons stickier than ever.


The campaign fully leveraged Pizza Hut’s own channels.

The first point of contact was through the Pizza Hut app. Push messages, in-app messages and eDM were sent to customers, informing them about the Mini Plate promotion.

It then used the Pizza Hut Facebook page as reinforcement of awareness. With a fan base of over 150,000, an additional Facebook ad push, Facebook ID sign-in function of the Pizza Hut membership app, UM Rally was able to retarget members with targeted messaging in Facebook, like enticing them with an FB ad that featured their favourite dishes, making its ads in the most popular online platform of HK stickier than ever.

Finally, to ensure its members wouldn’t miss the promotion, Pizza Hut had Mini Plate displays, table top tent cards in its restaurants and online banners on its ordering website. 

With the Mini Plates being a digital coupon for customers’ next visit, it created an infinite consumer journey cycle. To let this infinite cycle spread out faster and wider, members could forward Mini Plate coupons to their friends. Making Mini Plate a phenomenon among customers in no time.

To drive buzz outside stories, consumers were entitled the chance of getting a Mini Plate through a capsule dispensing vending machine at its Mini Van by downloading the Pizza Hut app - allowing even more people to join Pizza Hut member and enjoy the Mini Plate treat.


The campaign reversed a negative sales trend. In only seven days after the campaign was launched, the negative trend was reversed, from -7% to +0.5%*. By the end of the campaign, a record breaking +11.2% YOY sales growth* was achieved. The sales turn around was mainly contributed by Pizza Hut members, with over +63% YOY sales growth for members*.

• All Mini Plates were redeemed in three weeks’ time.
• Average frequency of visit among members increased by 61.8% (versus the same period last year)*
• Average transaction value of members increased by 29.2% (versus the same period last year)*
• With over 50k+ engagements tracked in Facebook & Instagram (likes, comments, shares of Mini Plates related photos).

BROUGHT IN NEW MEMBERS: During the campaign month, the growth rate of the Pizza Hut membership app registration increased by 74.8% YOY.*

HIGHEST ROI CAMPAIGN OF PIZZA HUT IN 2016: The Mini Plate campaign total budget was similar to that of a TVC production. Even the spending may not be comparable to other Pizza Hut campaigns with full-the-line support, the sales return was the highest so far in 2016 for Pizza Hut.

*Sales data provided by Pizza Hut.

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Pizza Hut
January - February 2016
UM Rally
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