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Infiniti Q30 Born to Challenge

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The economy of late 2016 was always going to present a challenge to a luxury car manufacturer. The new car market was down 22.2% leading up to this campaign, and while INFINITI had high brand awareness, it was the first time INFINITI launches a luxury compact car in the Middle East, a category that represents only 3.1% of the premium automotive market. 

INFINITI continuously strives to position itself as the leader in driving forward experiences to its audience, and establish leadership amongst the luxury premium automotive brands. Seeking to broaden its products and driver portfolio, INFINITI introduced the first ever cross over model, the INFINITI Q30 The Q30 was designed with a specific audience in mind, every aspect of it reflects individuality and encourages self-expression  

Classified as millennials, the Q30 potential buyers are young, seek aesthetic design, reliability and luxury - young urbanites who are affluent consumers with an optimistic outlook on life. Ambitious, bold and daring, these young urbanites keep on looking for new experiences and adventure. They do not consume traditional media, they seek new sources of information for their car purchase, which are digitally led and influenced by their peers and word of mouth.  


The business objective was to launch the new Q30 and create immediate demand from the target audience.  

OMD's strategy was to create unforgettable exclusive experiences that would resonate with the target audience and reflect those who consider their life to be a journey of self-expression. It had to be bold and challenge convention to capture their imagination and match their lifestyle and the way they think.  

The communication strategy had to be consistent across all channels. Everything from seeding information to the automotive press in the lead up to the launch, to the actual consumer launch of the Q30, and the advertising campaign, OMD's aim was to emotionally charge the target audiences, engage them and entertain them through a forward and daring approach using unconventional channels. Every aspect of this campaign had to reflect the target audience's individuality and encourage self-expression. The culmination of these efforts had to create an impact so big that they would feel the Q30 represents who they are and complements their lifestyle.  


Ahead of the launch, the agency targeted the automotive press to start generating buzz about Q30. To engage with them, it set up an epic driving experience by taking them on an excursion to discover Lebanon’s iconic destinations bringing to life the capabilities of Q30.  

State-of-the-art technology was used and exploited it to its full potential allowing the audience to engage with it at every single touch point starting with the launch event. 

The biggest wow factor had to be a launch event unveiling Q30 at popular club ONE Beirut. Q30 came to life in front of 1,200 guests’ eyes in a first-of-its-kind LIVE art installation. OMD partnered with in-camera light painter, Patrick Rochon. A character dressed in a light-reflective costume revealed the Q30 using manipulated light beams that reflected off the Q30’s hot curves and unveiled its slick design. 

To add to the reveal a local flavour, Arabic calligraffiti duo “Ashekman” created a representation of Q30 using Google Tilt Brush’s virtual reality. And to engage the audience, for the first time, they too got to use this technology to express their individuality. The event was streamed LIVE on Facebook and it gave online fans the chance to engage with an augmented reality app.  

To maximise awareness after the launch, Infiniti was the first automotive brand to target its audience online using Vogon, a tool that allowed the agency to dynamically embed text & images within the videos to generate unlimited variations of one video and engage with specific audiences based on what mattered most to them.   


The Q30 launch was a huge success, attracting more than 2,508 leads during the first four weeks, exceeding the sales forecast by 300%. 

30 journalists got to drive the Q30 and experience the epic excursion. They loved the experience so much they featured the car in more than 381 clippings, worth $2.08 million.   

The launch event lead to 244,000 visitors to the Q30 website, generating more than 500 leads becoming the number 1 searched model amongst INFINITI models. 

On digital and social media, the Patrick Rochon video piece was played more than 10.5 million times, a total of 7.7 million minutes watched, breaking social records. 

The tracks were played on Anghami more than 7,000,000 times. 

30% of those who attended the event got to experience Google Tilt Brush’s virtual reality for the first time and created hundreds of personalised representations of the Q30.

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United Arab Emirates
July - November 2016
Media Channel:
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