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When talking about fashion amongst female millennials wherever they are in the world, it’s hard to do so without mentioning social content. They are more in control of what they want to see and when than ever, with more than enough to choose from - and they don’t like traditional advertising. 

With the rising number of ad blockers downloaded and increasing banner blindness, it’s becoming more difficult for brands to obtain a worthy place in news feeds and amass a loyal audience.

The target consumer wants to become a part of the brand story, or connect in a way that brings them closer to it. Hence the rising popularity of live, in-the-moment content across social channels and brand-consumer collaborations. 

What does resonate, however, is person to person connection. Nielsen identified that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people above all other forms of advertising. A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is. 

To win over the target audience, IMA would have to prove that Noisy may understands its target consumer’s desire to engage with an individual they trust as opposed to traditional ‘push’ messaging. The challenge was to show them that Noisy may takes risks and does things differently - just like them. 


The agency knew that to really make an impact with a young, pan-European audience it had to be relevant and stand-out. It wouldn’t be enough to just create branded content and share it on social platforms - their primary form of media consumption - it had to go further to increase brand favourability and engagement. 

With this in mind the agency decided to partner with influencers in a new and dynamic way - taking influencer marketing beyond simple gifting. It empowered six young microinfluencers from the target markets (and audience) to be Noisy may ambassadors. Influencers are more than just role models for girls - they’re their trusted source for all things new and worth watching. They would provide an authentic connection to the audience and stimulate longer-term brand loyalty. 

Each influencer designed five pieces for a capsule collection entitled #NoisyMayInfluenced. Produced by fans of the brand, for fans of the brand. Not only would the influencers take their followers along for the ride through social and blog content, they would also have a say every step of the way. From giving feedback on real-time Instagram Stories during the designing process, to selecting the lookbook shoot locations. 

To maximise engagement IMA employed a combination of static (Facebook and Instagram), real-time (Instagram Stories) social and blog content to give the audience a 360 perspective of the project.

By providing credible influencers and their followers with a cant-miss experience, it would stimulate the creation of earned media and buzz across the social sphere and produce a collection the audience were guaranteed to love.


The agency's plan combined multiple social platforms and paid media to keep the audience engaged with the content story over a longer period. Unlike many influencer campaigns that rely solely on pushing influencer content, this included four pillars that would ensure that the experience was enhanced and the influencers actually became the face of Noisy may.

This included the co-design phase in which the influencers travelled to Copenhagen in August to meet with the head designers of the brand. They were also involved in the sales process, returning to see the samples and present it to retailers like Zalando and ASOS. The influencers then kicked off their European tour to shoot the lookbook at hotspots recommended by their followers in Amsterdam, London and Berlin. 

IMA also designed and developed an interactive shoppable microsite where all the content came together ( to drive traffic and buying intention. The girls then marked the launch of the collection with an exclusive launch party. To complete the circle, the lookbook content was also used in-store at point-of-sale.

These experiences ensured there was plenty of content to be created and shared on socials to connect with the target audience - especially a high volume of earned content. From design updates, to travel experiences, the lookbook content and launch party shots, the girls made sure their followers were always with them and that the collection was theirs, too.


This integrated approach, that combined a long-term experience and influencer strategy, helped deliver impressive results.

The project generated 4,000,000 impressions, 33% more than the benchmark, and a sky-high engagement rate of 6.3%. From the total number of posts shared from August to March, 50% of them were earned (185 posts). 

During this period the initiative generated over 170,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares, clicks) proving that it was right in the strategy: a different approach was needed to get this audience to engage with a brand. Their response indicated that it was correct in knowing they would connect with influencers they valued. 

The overall audience sentiment was 84% positive, with comments such as “that's so cool that you designed them!! really inspiring” and “Wow! Congrats dear - shall check it immediately”. 

Although not a primary KPI, the collection itself was a huge success, being sold in 291 stores across Europe and attracting new retailers Zalando, ASOS and Wehkamp.

The custom microsite also drove 8,700 page views. The project is a great example of how an experience that is relevant to an influencer’s audience, such as codesigning a collection, can boost earned media value and brand love.

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