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NBCUniversal and Missguided global sponsorship partnership

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Missguided’s target market is 16-35, fashion conscious females influenced by social media & celebrities, aspirational, socially immersed and digitally savvy. They are attracted to like-minded brands. 

E! viewer insight: driven by social status; being glamorous, being ‘in the know’ and telling their friends about it. They are serious shoppers and will share a brand message that resonates across key platforms. They want to be the first to buy new clothing trends! They are experts in the art of chat and will amplify a partner’s brand as their brand.

As an up and coming global brand Missguided need to appeal to all key markets whilst keeping in line with core brand values. Its marketing requires a glamorous partnership with a vehicle to support this challenge, appeal to its target market and speak to them through the channels that millennials use with content that millennials watch. 

As the leading online fast fashion retailer known for being accessible, affordable and on trend, Missguided and E! form the perfect partnership with a joint focus on fashion forward online content. E! can support Missguided’s challenge with its international ownership of glamour & entertainment supported by its aspirational fun and positive global brand message - all connected via online and social.


As the only place to go for the latest in pop-culture, E! gave access to robust, loyal and engaged 16-24-year-old females.

Aside from a highly engaged TV audience, E! provided a captive online audience, via its social following: Facebook (9,900,000), Instagram (50,000) and Twitter (3,700,000), extending the campaigns reach even further. 

E! and Missguided collaborated editorially with bloggers and influencers to speak to their audience. Enhancing Missguided’s presence in the US, E! executed a channel first by creating a bespoke digital take over, amplifying two high profile Missguided celebrity lead collaborations.

Using all areas of sponsorship activation E! and Missguided planned integrated 360 sponsorship approach across events, broadcast, social promotion and international properties:

Broadcast: bespoke content was created for mulit-market sponsorship, positioned within the highest rated and cult programmes, refreshed every eight weeks to reflect fast fashion trends.

Social media: the channel to reach the millennial audience, E! tapped into their love all things social with:

1) Facebook videos and instant digestible content with the hottest talent out there in partnership with Missguided, a UK channel first

2) Social co-branded posts e.g. celeb updates on FB/Insta/Twitter curated to feature the story of the day

3) Social competitions across markets with Money Can’t Buy prizes extending sponsorship awareness, driving fans engagement & fueling conversations.

Digital: E! News takeover with fashion sponsored content including celebrity and programming editorials.

Activation: event activation was a core area of the partnership to create hype, buzz with customer led on the ground content - a perfect environment reaching bloggers/influencers.


Broadcast: bespoke package of exclusive content series: “Shows With Style on E!” sponsored by Missguided. Partnership ran across linear/digital/social aligned with relevant shows:

France/Germany/Poland’s focus was leading channel series ’Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with premier episode sponsorship/repeats/branded promos suited to local market tastes.

Social Media: bi-weekly co-branded posts launching with Ashley Tisdale followed by Kim K, JLO, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Rita Ora and many more.

Facebook live: Media first for partners, where the one and only supermodel Jourdan Dunn spoke about fashion, career & Missguided design collaboration. The innovation drove maximum impact & ROI, pushing celebrity status of both partners.

Digital: Global first, home page takeovers around celebrity content in line with relevent news spikes. Press releases, photo gallery, editorial article, gifs, meme, mini hubs amplified globally the Pamela Anderson collaboration, then with Amber Rose. Delivering over £1m added value.

Activation calendar: leveraged talent/influencer access providing opportunities to experience the glam E! lifestyle: 

1. “Golden Globes Watch Along”: London event where celebrities/influencers/competition winners watched the show and red carpet live hosted by E! host Sabrina in a co-branded immersive environment (branded cushions/sweets/cocktails)

2. Private screening Mariah’s World launch (fully branded environment)

3. Wireless Festival dedicated area ‘Style Lounge’ packed with celeb’s wearing latest trends. It featured DJ, Kardashian themed hair/make-up area styling millennials to encourage them to upload selfies using the hashtag #MyFestivalSquad plus a display of the latest “capsule looks” and design your own t-shirt print station

4. Diva Lounging area at Clothes Show Birmingham.


- Spontaneous brand awareness: 55% increase (365days) 

- Recall (prompted): 23% recalled seeing ad (47% regular E! viewers) 

- Audience reach: sponsorship reached 22% (700,000) W 16-24 / 20%   W 16-34 (1,460,000)

- Digital: HPTO’s=877,918 impressions. 

- Social:

• 99,256 Twitter impressions/4,169 engagements
• 1,402 FB likes
• 1,216 Instagram likes
• Total reach: 576,058 

- Wireless festival:

• 1,377 lounge visitors
• 1,300,000 girls p/min through the doors
• 1,200,000 impressions Twitter
• 1,800,000 use #MyFestivalSquad
• 7,800,000 FB impressions
• 13,500,000 influencer reach

- Facebook live: 33% 18-24 / 67% 25-34 / 200+ live views / 385,000 views after a week.

- Sales: Up 27% YoY, 20% increase in new site users

“The partnership with E! has been a great way for Missguided to have an always on presence in an environment that reaches our 16-24 female audience. E! has been a strong contributor towards our increase in brand awareness in 2016 and the success of the partnership has led to this becoming a core component of our media strategy. We’ll continue to grow the Missguided brand in international markets and see the continuation of the E! partnership on a global level as the perfect vehicle to help us achieve this.” - Dane Stanley-Global Marketing Director.

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