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Make Someone Happy

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For the last few years, Coca-Cola had been losing its dominant position on the dinner table. With Coca-Cola being the Christmas icon, this time of the year is the perfect occasion to increase penetration and consumption frequency.


People want to make others happy, but Starcom knew the biggest challenge was overcoming laziness and stress. Its strategy was to inspire and facilitate people to make someone happy with simple things. You don’t have to make a great effort to change someone else’s day. Give a kiss, share a coke, call someone you miss, hug a stranger. Everything counts. Especially for adults, there is nothing more fulfilling than making a kid truly happy.

Moreover, the country’s economic upheaval and uncertainty put Christmas at risk. Mums were stressed-out due to end-of-year economic struggles and the fact that kids no longer believed in Santa but just cared about presents. Parents thrive to make their kids happy, but they have forgotten how easy it can be.

To bring the relevance back, it had to inspire people to rethink Christmas as more than just a big meal with presents so this campaign literally brought the magic back to Christmas by developing an “only-Coke-can-do” personalised digital experience that made kids believe in Christmas and Santa again.

Starcom developed a 360 campaign with TV to create scale, a partnership with Sony Music to record Christmas classics, digital to create two different experiences and grassroots’ activations to engage with consumers’ onsite.


A TV Commercial with a catchy song delivered a simple message: making someone happy is easy and simple, and little things do matter.

A made for web video content, “Chain of Goodwill”, told a deeper story: in times of fast paced life, a simple gesture can start a chain reaction of goodwill among strangers.

Coca Cola partnered with Sony Music and asked four famous musicians to record classic Christmas songs in their own style.

A micro-site, “Book of Wishes” was launched where people to asked Santa to make someone happy. People’s wishes were posted on Santa’s book, shared on Facebook and amplified in real-time banners.

The agency leveraged precision targeting to reach Christmas enthusiasts for the main activation: “A call from Santa”. A digital personalised experience surprising kids with Santa delivering an audio visual message. Adults entered a phone number and the name of their kid in a website. But there was a twist, a technical difficulty made Santa actually call the kid. Starcom partnered to develop the technology to allow an automated phone call synchronised with the video and audio. Receiving a phone call from Santa would leave kids in total awe and parents dazed.

Finally, it had a massive experiential activation: the “Tree of Wishes”. A transparent and empty tree was set up for people to walk inside and release helium balloons filled with wishes. After four days the tree was full, and a massive free event was hosted with Sony Music artists playing the Christmas classics.


Execution was tracked daily and optimised in real-time.

The experience went viral. Santa made 4.5 million calls to bring kids the Christmas spirit back. Total calls represented more than half of the kids in Argentina (there are 7 million kids in the country).

Parents uploaded thousands of videos in YouTube and Facebook of their kids’ reactions and we earned free publicity across all media. Brand searches skyrocketed to a historical high; Coca-Cola searches doubled those of Justin Bieber’s at the time.

Additionally, Brand Love and Brand Trust grew 12% and 18% accordingly for Mums, and sales for Coca-Cola grew 29% during that period.

Lastly, the most important outcome was accomplished. Coca Cola saved Christmas!

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November - December 2014
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