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#LikeAGirl and Proud

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When girls go through puberty, many societal and gender restrictions are imposed on them, which undermines their confidence. More than 50% of Indian girls report a drop in confidence during puberty, many never recover. 

How Indian girls feel: 

 Period/puberty introduces a new phase of Social limitations 
- “When I got my period, my parents told me to be more careful around boys & what I wear” 

 Gender inequality is at the centre of constraints  
“Before period we were no different than boys, we were encouraged to play”  

 Feeling inferior or weak is a dominating thought 
- “Parents imprint in our mind as we get our period that we are weak”  

 Girls want to stand up for these limitations  
- “We shouldn’t be ashamed of being girls.” 

Through the ‘Like a Girl’ campaign, Whisper wanted to advocate unstoppability (what Whisper stands for) in its true sense and provide boundless confidence to join the movement. 

The maximisation objective was to engage with the YOUNG consumer in disruptive ways, on platforms where she is receptive to the idea, and advocate the purpose of the brand to generate positive equity. 


In the wake of India’s success at the 2016 Olympics, where the only medal winners were three girls, the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ went through a positive transition and ensued heartening conversations such as - “They fought #LikeAGirl” or “They played #LikeAGirl” but there was still a long way to go before each and every Indian girl could do things “Like A Girl” and be proud of it. 

 So, Whisper took on the challenge to bring about a mind-set change and advocate the fact that girls should be unstoppable and be proud of it. Hence, Whisper India launched the #LikeAGirl 1.0 campaign in Sep’2016, with a local spin of advocating girls to be proud of it as “#LikeAGirl & Proud”. 

It asked the pertinent question – “Why is doing something ‘LikeAGirl’ an insult?” 

“You run like a girl”, “you throw like a girl”, “you fight like a girl”, “you play like a girl” are common phrases used as insults and have significant impact on a girl’s self-confidence, especially during puberty. It had set out on a mission to add a positive angle to it. 

Though it all started with launch of ‘LikeAGirl’ video, changing opinions hardwired into the psyche was not easy and could not be achieved without activating all relevant opinion leaders and creating inspiring content for young teens across platforms. 

MediaCom developed an end-to-end equity building plan starting with a survey release for cause awareness and a big bang media event where the Olympic Champions along with other young celebrity achievers launched the campaign, 15 pro bono pieces of content were co-created with media houses to complement the video asset, young girls from top colleges were recruited as campus advocates of the movement rounding up to in-store executions to directly engage with the consumers.    


I - It asked the question- Why is doing something #likeagirl an insult? Earned media behind survey release and Big-Bang media event. 

 Nielsen survey results released revealing that 1 in 2 Indian girls agree LikeAGirl is used as an insult 

 Popular Bollywood celebrities and social activists participated and invited conversations 

 Olympic champions launched the campaign to 90+ top national media houses via an interactive session sharing personal experiences about how they never let the phrase “LikeAGirl” stop them from achieving their dreams. 

II – A media movement to make ‘LikeAGirl’ mean amazing things. Video release and various pieces of content co-created across platforms. 

 TV/Digital media awareness with main video 

 15 short-form content pieces created pro bono featuring young TV stars talking about their ‘LikeAGirl’ moment and how they achieved amazing things 

 3 pro bono in-show content integrations in top reality show and a grandeur event on highest reach TV channels 

 Association and co-promotion of cause-synergy content 

III – Young girls as campus advocates to create Word Of Mouth  

 750 young girls from top colleges across seven cities recruited as campus advocates for the campaign to create WOM in their social group 

 Announced #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge with celebrities who aced certain activities #LikeAGirl and opened the challenge to young girls. This was activated in sync with the campus advocates. 

IV – Instore executions to drive direct engagement with consumers 

 In-stores displays and executions across the country. Activation zones created to showcase video and consumers engaged in an activity and given customised samples. 


 Awareness: TOMA increased +8 points 
 Ad Recall: 30% increase 
 Engagement: 5.3X increase in consumer engagement on social platforms 
 Increase in scores across key emotional equity attributes like: 
- Champions women: +7 points 
- Brand that I trust: +5 points 
- Facebook: 19Mn reach, 160 index vs. globally awarded Whisper Touch the Pickle (TTP) 
 7 million video views 
 $0.005 cost per reach 
 Garnered better view rates (75% video views-32%, 100% video views-21%) than TTP and Ariel Share the Load campaigns.  

 Recognised as the Most Engaging Campaign on Instagram across Asia Pacific by Campaign Asia and Unmetric. 
- YouTube: 13 million impressions, 2.5 million video views 
- TV: 5 million reached through paid video 

 2X of paid reach- 10 million reached through pro bono content created 
- Earned media: worth $4.8m and 700 million media impressions (2X of any past event), 1200+ clips 
- College engagement: Influencers- 750, User generated posts- 10.4 million, Engagement- 138.2 million, Organic reach impact- 2.1 million 
- #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge: Entries- 3 million, Engagement- 48 million, Organic reach impact- 1.4 million 
- In-store: 30 million consumers directly engaged instore leading to purchase~6% conversion to online engagement. 

 Business: LikeAGirl led to sales off-take increasing to 115 index over last year, 112 index over past period.

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