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Dad, You've got this

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Anmum Infant Nutrition has been sold in Asia for nearly 30 years, but had only been sold in New Zealand for a few months. 

What it was up against:  

1. Karicare NZ had been in market for 50 years with a 60% market share average. 
 Everyone from grans to first time mums had used Karicare 
 Karicare was endorsed by Plunket- the leading infant advisory in NZ.  

2. 80% of NZ mothers hoped to breastfeed v choosing infant formula therefore were resistant to the category. 

Familiarity was key in this highly contentious and regulated category. 

MediaCom's marketing challenge was: How could it disrupt this latent trust across generations of parents, make the unfamiliar, familiar and drive sales for the brand? 

Brand Insight: Anmum is made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders- therefore it was committed to featuring real NZ’ders in communication, to create a local ‘face’. 

Consumer Insight - Researching over 1,000 NZ mums the agency uncovered a few key insights: 

 90% of mums say their partners/husbands are their number one support 
 45% women trusted their husbands/partners the equivalent of Health Professionals 
 In NZ, 32% of Infant Nutrition was purchased by Males in the last four weeks. 

Increasingly mums were leaning on the Dads to play a bigger role in the lives of their children. So the agency choose strategically to talk dads, on Father's dayA first for a NZ infant brand and one MediaCom believed would help build connection with NZ mothers because they in turn trusted the dads. 


In researching the dads [Bauer AllMen Talk Survey], the agency found out that men actually have an innate fear they are not cut out to be dads, especially when they often find they have to be back at work and away from their children for extended periods of time. 

So it wanted to let Dads believe that they had all it takes to be a great dad. 

MediaCom looked for key moments where dad takes the wheel so it could really make him shine and believe ‘he’s got this’. One in particular came out on top: Bedtime Stories. Dads pride themselves on their story telling ability and love the connection that they build with their children when spending time together. However, they were concerned that increased hours spent at work meant they weren’t always able to be there. A Harvard research paper showed that in fact kids develop better language skills when dad reads stories to them versus mum. 

The Communication Strategy: Enable Dad to be part of ‘Moments Missed’. Dad - no matter where you are, you’ve got this. 

The agency commissioned a unique story of a dad frog who helped give his kids confidence to jump across the lily pads. These were made into Anmum branded video books that could be personalised to overlay dad’s real voice reading the story via a digital mobile recording. That way he could be part of storytime no matter where he was.  

This would ensure Anmum was part of one of the most intimate moments shared between parents and their children using one of the most powerful media channels available – dad’s voice. 

The campaign around the books was designed to drive social engagement with the dad’s voiced digital books as it launched the NZ Facebook page. 


This entire campaign cost less than $100k, driving awareness via a bespoke piece of branded content that was viewed over 400,000 times by a parent population of 120,000. 


 The agency created an emotive piece of branded video content using a real family to capture working late and missing special moments with a ‘reveal’ of our Anmum personalised video book. Paid Social, Influencers and on-demand video platforms reached both parents. 

 Sought out high reach ‘missed moments’ environments-AIRPORTS stood out clearly. The video played on screens and mobile geo-targeting was used to ring-fence the Air NZ Travel Lounges encouraging dads to the magazine rack which had displayed the hardcover books with the CTA to make their own digital version while they were waiting. Branded instructions on shelf helped dads easily take one of the books, record themselves reading into their phone and email it through as a simple voice memo. 


 It asked parents to share with photos of their own special #dadtime moments to win 1 of 100 digital storybooks to launch the Facebook page. 

 Book scripts were sent to winning dads. MediaCom digitally overlaid their voices into the books, delivered them and requested they share back their #dadtime moment with their personalised book. 

 Winning photos were promoted. 


The campaign was a massive success for NZ Anmum, up against a dominant competitor and habitual buying it made the unfamiliar, familiar by having a very real conversation about ‘missed moments’ with NZ Dads. 

Objective 1: Reaching 80% of NZ parents with a minimum of 70% positive sentiment. Achieved 90% 

 Based on a population size of 120,000 parents in NZ, the brand's first foray on social was also a success, with a cumulative reach over 800,000 parents across the campaign period with 99% positive sentiment. 
 The branded video was viewed by parents over 400,000 times in 14 days. 

Objective 2 : Increase sales by 10%. Achieved 27%. 

 By the end of the campaign it had achieved a 27% growth in 28 days the highest growth weeks since launch. 
 Total Buyers grew from 6%-10% and Bought Most Often from 1%-4%. 

Objective 3: Increase KPAs by 10%. Achieved 22-27% 

 Key brand metrics also saw a huge shift as well. Most importantly the brand saw a positive shift in how parents understood its values with a 27% increase in agreement of the statement ‘Anmum Cares for the needs of my family’ and ‘A brand I recommend’ by 22%.

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Brand Owner:
Fonterra Brands
Baby Care
New Zealand
August - September 2016
Media Channel:
Branded Content,Digital,Online,Out-of-Home
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