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Maggi We Miss You Too

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Maggi has been a part of the Indian way of life. The brand cuts across regions and topography and has huge sentimental value for Indian consumers. 

Even after a set of hugely unsubstantiated reports on lead content in Maggi being over permissible levels, it observed certain brand loyalists displaying positive emotion and sentiment towards the brand. The sentiment varied from missing the brand, expressing disappointment and heartbreak to speculating on its return. A lot of the Indian consumers recalled childhood incidents or memories which involved the brand. For most part, there were two threads of thought. a) Maggi’s been an integral part of life and I’ve been eating it since childhood. B) I am going to buy Maggi as soon as it returns to the market. 

Agency Zenith saw a ray of hope in the comments generated on social media. It made it realise that there were a lot of brand loyalists who were missing their favourite snack Maggi and were not swayed by the negative reports. 55% of conversations were about acute unhappiness and being unsure of the credibility of all the surrounding news. 43% of the conversations were about how users were missing Maggi. And these were primarily young people. The source for this is the Social Listening Exercise that Nestle undertook. The comments were interesting. Most of them were a plea. “Does anybody have any extra packs left? I cooked my last pack yesterday." 


The brand faced constraints in advertising. As per the court regulations in India, it could not advertise Maggi on mass media. Thus the agency decided to take another route. Engage with consumer’s first, make them the torch-bearers and see if the campaign catches on. #WeMissYouToo mirrored the consumer sentiment. Maggi wanted to convey to consumers that it too missed them. Social media platforms were used to relay the message. Social media knits in well with video content too. 

The social media trinity – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube  were chosen for this campaign. Across these platforms, different situations were identified and customised communication was created for them. These were situations when the consumer sentiment of “Missing Maggi” would be strongest.  

Zenith began by first tapping into consumers who had actively participated and discussed Maggi in the last few weeks on social platforms. Having identified its brand evangelists, it began segmenting them and targeting them with various communication planks. The closest segment were Facebook Fans and Twitter followers and it reached out to them with various sequencing of the video edits. It layered the audience to build a contextual context with the videos. It thus identified users living away from home and users interested in fast food, who were accordingly targeted with videos resonating with their situation. On Facebook, Maggi was the first brand in India to target users’ basis the household composition, for instance, Housemate Households which had users living with friends. This the first instance of a brand targeting an audience based on the household composition. 


The campaign was launched first on Facebook where each of the six videos were launched in quick succession and were targeted to specific target group clusters, identified basis the video communication. Given the positive traction, the campaign was extended to Twitter and YouTube. The Twitter campaign helped build traction amongst the influencers and celebrities. The Twitter folk went abuzz about the ads and recalling their magical moments with Maggi. The campaign quickly turned viral. 


Consumers are passionate about this brand. The passion quotient only soared during the campaign phase. Towards the tail-end of the campaign, the positive sentiment moved from 43% to 90% (Source: Nestlé’s Social Listening activity). 

- The campaign touched one million video views in just 24 hours. 

- The campaign received close to 2 lakh social engagements and given the nature of content, was also amongst one of the most shared campaigns.  

- In totality, it crossed seven million views. 

- Campaign trended organically on both Twitter & Facebook. 

- The campaign was a public relations success. It got extensive coverage, over 60 websites covered the campaign. There was a lot of user generated content, some of which was covered on news channels.  

- The campaign hit all the right notes. As Nestlé India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan says, “The Miss You Too Campaign was a message in response to consumers and has crossed seven million views.”

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