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MARKETING CHALLENGE – Effectively communicate a promotion that updates 144 times a day 

BRAND INSIGHT – You’re not you when you’re hungry 

CONSUMER INSIGHT – Australians are at their angriest when they’re hungry, between meal times. 

Clemenger BBDO had developed a brilliant idea to bring to life the global BRAND INSIGHT you’re not you when you’re hungry - The Hungerithm. A hunger-algorithm based on a 3,000 word lexicon analysing 14,000 social posts every day that monitored the online mood and lowered SNICKERS® prices accordingly at every 7-Eleven in Australia. The angrier the Internet got, the cheaper SNICKERS® became.  

So the MARKETING CHALLENGE became how do MediaCom effectively communicate a promotion that updates every 10 minutes (144 times a day in total), and is only valid for one hour after redemption? Further it needed to be more relevant to the lives of younger Australians by being where they are (not sitting at home watching TV) when they’re feeling the most susceptible to Snickers messaging (at the times they’re at their hungriest). 

To tap into this the agency knew it needed to be where young Australians are sharing and feeling their angriest – the internet. The idea was based on the fact that the internet can enlighten and entertain, but it can also be an angry place. The CONSUMER INSIGHT was that this influx of anger peaks in between meal times, and that maybe the internet wasn’t angry, Australians were simply hungry. 


MediaCom had to bring to life an idea based on the internet’s anger, away from the couch where Australian’s could actually get into their local 7 Eleven in the hour they had to redeem their much needed SNICKERS.  

The strategy was simple: use media to target young Australians when they’re feeling their hangriest, when they’re on the go, geo targeted to stores. 

Get young Australians 

Who are at their hangriest 

To consciously address their predicament, and redeem the Snickers that will transform them back to their normal selves 

By tapping into & amplifying real time angry data triggers, when they’re mobile – near 7 Eleven stores. 


It needed to impact Australians when they were hangry, out and about, and near a 7-Eleven. The campaign was 100% digital (with the exception of some live price updates on TV) and mobile led, with 65% of all impressions served to mobile and the remainder targeted at desktop to capture people at work.    

All impressions were served using “hangry data triggers” – delivered in real-time to those most in need of a Snickers:  

• 45% of programmatic video & display impressions delivered to environments where anger is at its peak: commuter delays, traffic reports, weather, sport and politics – each with a bespoke creative execution (eg. “Angry because your team lost to a team that isn’t your team”) 

• The remaining 55% time targeted between meals – after all, you’re not you when you’re hungry  

• Spotify playlist targeting - linking music with anger: targeting those on their daily commute & between meals  

• Real-time reactionary Facebook & Twitter paid posts: covering breaking news events, including Brexit, Trump, Game of Thrones Spoilers and the Australian Federal Election  

• All ad-units clicked directly to the Hungerithm site, with Snickers prices updating in real time. From the mobile site, users claimed a coupon which was redeemable via mobile at any 7-eleven within 60 minutes  

• Importantly all placements were geo-fenced and served to those close to a 7-eleven, ensuring no users were out of the redemption range. 

Outside of digital, the agency leveraged its overall TV investment and secured real-time Snickers price updates on morning TV – The Morning Show and Daily Edition. 


The campaign generated: 

• 6,689 coupons  

• 4.04% growth in the total Chocolate Self-Consumption segment, well ahead of the national petrol and convenience market, which saw a -0.16% decline across the same period 

• Snickers Self-Consumption sales value grew 19.25% over the period 

• Snickers unit sales increase of 67% over the period 

• Snickers delivered 55% of 7-Elevens growth in Chocolate Self Consumption  

• 7-Eleven gained 0.95% share, nearly 1 full market share point across the Chocolate Self Consumption segment over the campaign period  

• 30.4 million paid media impressions – reaching an estimated four million Australians  

• 150 earned media articles including, Mashable and Inc. Magazine 

• 120% increase in Snickers brand mentions on Twitter 

• 500+ tweets mentioning #hungerithm – with a potential reach of 451,000 

• 4,500 new Twitter fans 

• Google’s brand lift study showed a 34.7% uplift in recall based on the question “which of the following have you seen online video advertising for recently” 

• An estimated $1.44m in earned media through PR 

 1,740% uplift in Facebook traffic. 

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Brand Owner:
May - July 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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