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Dynamic Offline Moments with YouTube

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Indonesia is a fast growing economy with burgeoning population of over 259 million people of diverse socio economic levels.

YouTube user’s insights study reveals that Indonesians have not yet established an entrenched behaviour of watching YouTube videos on their mobiles because of the following perceived notions:

1. High data usage and high data costs
2. Streaming lag time because of poor network connection.

Indonesians face big digital infrastructure challenges as the country has the slowest average internet speed in APAC; therefore making streaming and watching videos on mobile a frustrating experience for the YouTube users. 

YouTube prides itself on being the leading platform to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Indonesia is the 3rd largest smartphone market in APAC with over 65 million smartphone users, which opens up huge potential to promote YouTube, given that online video usage in APAC is expected to increase by more than 254% by 2020.

Newly launched in Indonesia; the YouTube offline feature allows viewers to save video when they have access to Wi-Fi and watch the video later without incurring any data costs or streaming delays.

The biggest challenge for the campaign was, how to engage the users with any kind of digital communication given that they are predisposed to seeing digital ads as annoying, irrelevant and as factors deteriorating their already prevailing legacy issues of high data usage and poor network connection? A creative approach was required and standard banners or rich banners wouldn’t make the cut, not this time!


The strategy was to create a unique creative solution for targeting mobile YouTube users in real-time with relevant messaging which would grab their attention to the communication being served to them.  

Essence had to think differently and creatively and that’s what it did. It created “Dynamic creative banners”, in-house, which were visually quirky and non-static, appealing and had clear broad messaging for encouraging watch time and trial. The agency used dynamic messaging which used data from YouTube and Google of the viewing habits of the users and grouped them into key categories. Once the key video categories were identified, such as: Entertainment, Cooking, Fashion, Comedy, Kids etc. a corresponding creative and copy were made to bring a fitment for serving relevant banner ads at the right “leisure moments” such as commute time, before bedtime, lunchtime etc. It then served Dynamic creative banners (visuals attached) to target the users via relevant and real-time messaging.

For example, users surfing beauty content in the morning on YouTube would be served a dynamic creative banner with messaging “Beauty tips without quota worries.” or “Great Monday morning mascara tips. Try Now”. Direct, impactful, real-time and relevant messaging which was quirky and cool.

Now, who wouldn't want to watch these dynamic banner ads and respond to call to action to get rid of their online video watching woes? For this campaign Essence also used standard banners with relevant messaging.


The campaign was divided into three parts, spread over 10 weeks. The three stages were:

Awareness – Offline feature exists
Trial- Save now, Watch later.
Repeat- Watch a video Offline without using data.                                          

Mobile, Real-time campaign was focused on key moments, dynamic messaging and dynamic creative, have high share of voice opportunities and reach the target audience with real-time impactful messages in key downtime moments such as:

-Commute Times
-Before Bedtime
-Lunch Time
-Weekends / Weekend Mornings
-Weekday Evenings

Holiday periods were identified such as Lebaran, Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Independence Day. The agency also identified key categories YouTubers engaged with on their mobile such as, Entertainment, Gaming, Fashion and Beauty. These formed the key audience profiling insights.

Hyper-targeted Dynamic messaging was created with Dynamic data feed content experience based on time. By incorporating genre, time of day, and day of the week variety of categories were used to cover off key download times such as early mornings, evenings, and weekends. Scripts were created for both Broad Targeting and Remarketed messages.

It created a dynamic banner to showcase 25+ creators relevant to specific interests and times. It was the first of its kind in APAC for YouTube and it was designed lightweight to respect the data quota limitation of the audience, as well as market factors like connection speed.


The agency also used standard banners to reach out to YouTube users and Indonesians clearly preferred the in-house created Dynamic creative banners over the most widely used- standard banners. It was the star of the campaign

• Dynamic banners are the best display performer in terms of Offline watch time with +953% offline watch time compared to average of +451% for Standard Banner.      

• Dynamic Banner: Offline watch time increase is two times higher for users who clicked on dynamic banner vs. the ones who clicked on standard banner.

Within 10 weeks it was able to exceed the marketing and business objective driving YouTube offline watch time by +8%, with a halo effect to overall watch time of +11%.

1. Business metrics:
- YouTube watch time % lift: 11% over 10 weeks
- YouTube Offline watch time % lift: 8% over 10 weeks

2. Campaign metrics (within 10 weeks):
- mGDN Dynamic banners +1031% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- AdMob Dynamic banners +1181% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- SEM Brand keywords +405% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- SEM Standard keywords +3128% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- mGDN Standard banners +394% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- mGDN Text +250% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- AdMob Standard banner +523% YouTube Offline watch time lift
- AdMob Text +379% YouTube Offline watch time lift.

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Brand Owner:
June - September 2016
Essence Digital
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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