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When analysing the ability to get on travellers’ destination consideration lists, Quebec faces tough competition. Unlike other destinations, Quebec does not have a distinctive landmark like the Taj Mahal, Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower. Nor does it have the cultural or social reputation of destinations like Amsterdam or Melbourne. Having no famous visual cue or audacious reputation makes it especially hard to distinguish Quebec’s distinction from other destinations in its advertising.   

Every year, Tourism Quebec works on increasing the share of heart of neighbouring markets; Ontario and the US as well as their distant counterpart; France. However, the truth is that there isn’t one reason to travel to Quebec. There are many. 

With all the interplay of vast wilderness and cosmopolitanism implied Quebec is a destination with the power to charm all of your senses. So, Touché!PHD created a media campaign that set its multi-sensory appeal to life.  


Tourists come to Quebec to experience its richness through all five senses. That’s why it gave an American man, Danny, who has been blind since birth, the opportunity to feel, smell, taste and hear the sights and sounds of Quebec. At each touchpoint of the campaign, consumers could experience how Quebec stimulates all the senses through the perspective of a person who does not have some of them.  

What better way to make consumers get a taste of how Quebec stimulate all senses, than through an interactive experience?  

Danny’s adventures were featured in an online documentary entitled Blind Love. An extended interactive experience on a micro-site supported the documentary with different points of view and interactive possibilities.  

The video capitalised on the emotion that music, sounds, views can come to life, even through a screen. Users could see, and hear Quebec through different types of placement, thus creating a global feel of what is Quebec all about.  

The format and the platforms chosen allowed for an easy share amongst consumers and our Search strategy supported all of the buzz that was generated from the Blind Love campaign, making it one of the top subjects on Google in the market.   


A strategic decision was made to launch solely through earned media for the first week of the campaign to maximise the Google Quality Score for the video. As such, a war room was put into place to monitor and interact with influencers at all times. Given the nature of the target markets (Canada, US and France), the team was working around the clock to ignite participation from influencers, media and users around the world.  

In the first week after its launch, the campaign had already reached a successful 2.5 million views, generated $150 000 000 in PR value and even made it to Google’s top trends!  

On the ‘Blind Love’ website, consumers were able to experience two different perspectives; Danny’s viewpoint and the journey of his guide, a Quebec local. 

A long form video was then pushed through YouTube, the world’s biggest video platform to capitalise on massive reach and to increase the viral potential. Shorter clips of the main video were pushed through social media and travel websites to ensure a high reach and a maximum number of qualified visits to the site.  

Native integrations were also negotiated with key travel partners. Their reach and engaged audience significantly boosted the shares of the documentaries. 

Additionally, strong personalisation tactics came into play. For instance, consumers who had interacted with food content on the interactive website were pushed specific messages around that activity. This allowed the agency to create multiple audience segments (foodies, outdoor lovers, etc..) that were then leveraged through programmatic tactics.  

Finally, the campaign was also made available for the visually impaired through described videos (a tactic sadly too often forgotten online) and direct mail in Braille.  


The film was watched 14 million times and the campaign was an overwhelming success in the targeted markets; US, France and Canada.  

• Visits to Tourism Quebec’s website increased 24% during the campaign.  

• SEM searches for relevant Quebec keywords increased x 400 YOY. 

• ‘Blind Love’ finished the year in the top 5% of recalled tourism campaigns GLOBALLY in a Google brand study.  

But most importantly, Quebec saw an incredible increase of 21% in cross border traffic year over year (vs an objective of 9%). 

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Alliance de l'industrie Touristique du Québec
Government/Public Sector
April - May 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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