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In Q1'17, mobile accounted for 85% of Facebook & Instagram ad sales. All around the world, mobile has become a key media - especially for affluent consumers: their penetration and engagement is higher than for the general population and their m-commerce habits are booming. Meanwhile, Millennials (who are Luxury Houses' next growth lever) are also flocking to the media. 

Yet, Luxury good's media mix is still very traditional: TV and print account for 65 to 80% of the total Luxury Goods ad spend, leaving mobile far behind vs. other industries. 

Luxury advertising investment is commanded by two key target audiences: 
Marketing teams (major Luxury Houses, agencies) who build the overall strategy; 
Creative teams (agencies, Luxury Houses) who create all assets and have a direct impact on the media strategy. 

These audiences (especially the creative one), perceive mobile as a lower-ranking media. Facebook's in-depth qualitative research revealed three emotional barriers, strongly rooted in their mind: 
The mobile screen is too small - smartphones are small, crowded, notification-heavy screens, vs. full-bleed print / OOH visuals or cinema / TV commercials; 
The social media environment cannot be controlled - ads on social media are shown in users' feeds amongst personal and professional content; 
Social media ad formats cannot express the emotional richness of luxury - compared to statutory ad formats & properties (luxury magazines, large billboards, cinema, etc.), social media ad formats are too restricted to create an emotional connection with the consumer. 


While the rational demonstration around mobile as a media is still relevant (reach, time spent, engagement, etc.), it wouldn't tackle the barriers identified above. 

Facebook decided to rather demonstrate an emotional connection between Luxury Houses and its platforms. 

In essence, Facebook & Instagram share a lot in common with the Luxury DNA: 
- Innovation - from AI to VR to drones, Facebook keeps on innovating to stay ahead of the game 
Emotion - people use its platforms to share and react to the joys and pains of their loved ones 
Personalisation - every day, Facebook creates over one billion personalised News Feeds. 

It leveraged these values to position its platforms as a natural extension to render the high-end experience that Luxury Houses create, stating that "Outstanding campaigns deserve an outstanding playground." 

To showcase the relevance of Facebook & Instagram's advertising solutions, it decided to walk the talk and use the platforms as the only media for the campaign, leveraging its unique targeting options (demo, interests, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, etc.) and ad formats (video, canvas, carousels, etc.). And of course, mobile concentrated the majority of its presence (97%). 

Creatively speaking, the team used the codes and standards of the industry to create a 45-sec video, that showed how the universe of four key Luxury verticals (Fashion, Jewellery, Beauty, Auto, Travel) could be transposed onto Facebook & Instagram. In other words, a high-end B2B product demo. Link to the film: 

This iconic Luxury asset served as a pretext to showcase Facebook & Instagram's value proposition: it built a media approach leveraging all of its platforms' capabilities. 


The execution showcased Facebook & Instagram's core media and creative value proposition. 

On most media, marketers use contextual targeting and specialised properties to reach their B2B audience. On Facebook & Instagram, it has been able to target the right people independently of context. 

Custom Audiences: using the list of people in its sales database, it created Custom Audiences to easily target those same people on its platforms with messaging and creative related to their subvertical (Fashion, Beauty...) 
Lookalike audiences: using its CRM database, the team built a larger audience on Facebook with the same characteristics as the people who are already clients. 
Demographics: added a layer of traits, such as workplace and job titles. 

Phase 1 (Jan 17 - 26)Objective - Spark interest: generate relevant, short views with personalised targetingThe film was edited down into 7 10-to-15-second versions, that were served to people according to the industry they were working in: Fashion, Beauty, etc. 

Phase 2 (Jan 27 - Feb 4)Objective - Explain value proposition: generate traffic with retargeting. It retargeted video viewers with the full value proposition using a series of Facebook & Instagram assets: carousels, photos, link ads. Instead of building an external website, it used Canvas as the main traffic destination. Canvas is a Facebook-native, immersive format for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products. 

Phase 3 (Feb 5-17)Objective - Increase consideration: generate long views with retargeting. It retargeted the most engaged audience with the most powerful asset: its full-length, luxury film. 


On average, the campaign exceeded Facebook B2B EMEA digital campaign benchmarks by 2.6x. 

Overall, the campaign was served at 97% on mobile, generated 1.1m views and 1.2m engagements. 

Thanks to the phased approach (short interest-based video, followed by longer-form video), completed views at 95% were 5.3x higher than EMEA digital campaign benchmarks. 

Other indicators like time spent on destination page (2.0x benchmark), CTR (1.3x) and Canvas completion rate (1.6x) made this campaign the most successful 2017 Facebook B2B campaign in EMEA. 

On its two main perception indicators, Brand Lift studies (exposed vs. control group) showed significantly above average performances: 
Perception of the quality of the environment of Facebook & Instagram: 3.0x Facebook norms for advertisers 
Perception of the creative possibilities on Facebook & Instagram: 2.0x Facebook norms for advertisers. 

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