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Baileys: Don't Mind if I Baileys

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Jump back to 1974 when Baileys was launched, across Europe the spirits category looked very different from today. Dominated by a small number of traditional players, it was inaccessible to many consumers and ripe for revolution. A revolution that Baileys was to play a role in instigating. By combining Irish whiskey with cream, Baileys created a new type of drink with mass appeal. Part booze, part cake it was indulgent, accessible and trailblazing.   

Fast forward to 2016… and whereas Baileys had once been the trailblazer, popular categories such as Prosecco and brands like Aperol were now in vogue. With food culture now the key influence on drinking behaviour across Europe, these products actively position themselves as ingredients that can be used to create a range of drinks suitable for any consumption occasion giving a high consumption frequency. By contrast, Baileys was a one trick pony, as a drink traditionally poured over ice and drunk on its own, it lacked versatility. 

Today a new generation of trailblazing food publishers are using platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat to set trends rather than react to them. Using social platforms’ native formats, they create mouth-watering recipe videos that are easy to recreate and organically post them into the newsfeeds of their followers – who in turn show their approval, and intention to try, by liking and sharing in their millions.  


In order to put Baileys on the front-foot, the idea was to harness the power of influential social food publishers and create a series of seductively simple recipes that would position Baileys as an ingredient and not just a serve. In turn, their followers would like and share the recipes, placing Bailey’s at the heart of foodie culture and demonstrate just how versatile it could be. 

With scale, reach, and the ability to activate across the UK, Germany and Spain the primary partner for this campaign was influential food publisher Tasty. Famed for its short attention-grabbing videos with quick visual steps and high completion rates, it operates as Proper Tasty in the UK (17.6 million followers), Bien Tasty in Spain (17.2 million followers) and Einfach Tasty in Germany (2.3m followers). In the UK a secondary partner, Snapchat specialist Tastemade, was also used. 


In total Tasty produced a total of five seductive videos. Across the UK, Spain and Germany these included: ‘Pumpkin Spice Float’ positioning Baileys as the perfect accompaniment to a Halloween party; ‘Baileys Banana Bread’ demonstrating versatility as a cooking ingredient; ‘Brownie Think Shake’ a drink for seasonal get together; and ‘Baileys Jammy Cocktail’ the perfect accompaniment to a dinner party. In addition, knowing the importance of traditional festive drinks in Germany, just before the markets opened Tasty created a ‘Stollen-Cocktail with Baileys’.  

On Tastemade it was a Salted Carmel Baileys Martini, a Baileys Ice Cream Cake and a monster ‘Freakshake’. 


Across Europe 23.4 million people viewed the seductive videos natively and in their newsfeeds, more than any other digital channel on the plan. And the top video (Banana Bread) received half of their views organically. That meant people had shared them with their approval and shown their intent to try them. 

The average number of ways that consumers enjoy Baileys also increased in each of the three markets. In the UK, the average consumer enjoyed just 1.2 serves which has now increased to 1.6 (that’s +30%).  In Spain, this also increased from 1.2 to 1.6, and in Germany, this rose from 1.3 to 1.6. Key brand metrics increased showing that Baileys was modern and relevant – with ‘meaning’ increasing 12% in the UK, 11% in Germany and 11% in Spain.  

Most importantly sales on Baileys increased in each market (Germany+2.5%, UK +1.6% and Spain 0.5%) ensuring Baileys is in growth, and media’s contribution is undoubted. Econometric analysis (available in the UK) correlated this campaign with Bailey’s sale increase, with an ROI of 2.05. 

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November - December 2016
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