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Ferrero Golden Couture

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In Hong Kong (a Cantonese speaking market), Ferrero Rocher (Ferrero) is only known by its localised Chinese name of “Golden Nugget” – attributed to its gold wrapper. As Gold is auspicious, a major source of sales is limited to Chinese New Year, for Ferrero is incorporated in gift hampers as a symbolic gifting of prosperity. 

While the gold wrapping secures Ferrero’s position as the top three must-have-gifts, it also means consumers were only buying packaging, negating the craftsmanship of Ferrero pralines chocolate. This ultimately impacted revenue, as sales soften for other months. 

It needed to establish that Ferrero is more than just its gold wrapper. Ultimately, helping consumers develop new brand linkages through new experiences that shifts mindsets. 

PHD dug deep and found that despite high household purchases; younger generations had little association with Ferrero, as purchase decisions are made by seniors. The younger generation was the opportunity to re-establish Ferrero in Hong Kong.  

Even though Ferrero is not top in their shopping list, they are inseparable from shopping for clothes. TNS research shows that 40% of younger Hongkongers, could only resist the urge to go shopping for clothes for less than a week. As fashion is the life blood of Hongkongers; providing the adrenaline rush needed, through the experiential acquisition of finer things in life - craftsmanship in fashion.  

These cosmopolitan younger Hongkongers also embrace western lifestyles, making Christmas, the second most celebrated gifting period, an opportunity to expand Ferrero’s gifting occasions. 


Today’s shopping evolved from mere material acquisition to experiential.  

With this thought, the agency turned consumer fashion insights into Gold; it thought what if it jolted the confectionery category and merge two of life’s finer things where “CHOCOLATE meets COUTURE”. 

It moved Ferrero beyond its material state of “Gold Packaging” to an experiential one by “Making moments Gold”, ensuring each consumer interaction with Ferrero is a golden moment.  

The campaign was built around four strategic experiential pillars:   

1. The OPENING GAMBIT moment: The golden ticket to business success was, an exclusive partnership with Vivienne Tam, Global Fashion Designer, to amplify Ferrero’s story of craftsmanship through touch and sight – an experience to jolt the confectionery category. 

2. The moment of PERSONALISATION: As made to measure is worth its weight in Gold, PHD created a pop-up boutique experience where customers could personalise their very own selection of chocolates to gift tags. 

3. The moment of CREATION: To introduce the golden touch of craftsmanship, the agency created a rare market-first live showcase of the making of Ferrero Pralines.  

4. The moment of INVITATION: Powered by data mining, it invited customers into Ferrero’s boutique at the right micro-golden moment, when they are searching for Christmas gifts and fashion. 


THE OPENING GAMBIT: Creations by Vivienne Tam created mindsets shifts:  
• The Ferrero-inspired Haute Couture gown became point of sale, attracting crowds to the Ferrero Golden Couture pop-up boutique. 
• Exemplifying Ferrero’s craftsmanship she painstakingly created Ferrero’s first embroidered monogram lace fabric. 
• Behind the scene footages of the making, weaved into a video, further amplified craftsmanship. 
• Limited-edition embroidered monogram design couture gift pack enabled consumers to gift life’s finest for Christmas. 

THE PERSONALISATION: As a boutique chocolatier, consumers could customise:  
• Gift tags, by gold embossing their name on the spot. Making gold the moment of gifting. 
• Hand-drawn fashion illustration of Ferrero inspired outfits 
• Contents of each Ferrero couture box with Italian imports from Rondnoir to Cappuccino; a market-first for any off the shelf confectionery.  

THE CREATION: Showcasing the Italian art of craftsmanship of each Ferrero praline, master chefs were specially flown in, to create Ferrero live at Ferrero’s pop-up boutique in fashionable Hysan Place. Savouring freshly crafted Ferrero; melts away preconceived notion of mere gold wrapper, strengthening Christmas association. 


PRE-EVENT - Sparked buzz with a pre-order social posts 

LAUNCH - Unveiled the Pop-up Boutique, with a fashion show featuring Ferrero gowns and Vivienne Tam. The VIP guest of fashionista and food connoisseur took to social media to entice public to strut to store. 

DATA LEAD INVITATIONS: Video content was digitally broadcast to segmented audiences of fashionistas, gifters, shoppers and foodies. Among those who viewed the Video Content, the agency filtered out active Christmas shoppers to exclusively invite them to the Pop-up Boutique.  


Ferrero's partnership with Vivienne Tam birthed the Ferrero Couture Pop-Up Experiential Boutique, which successfully shifted mindsets, extending Ferrero gifting occasion into Christmas beyond Chinese New Year, and extended sales momentum (Source: Millward Brown; Results based on 31 days). 

BUSINESS RESULTS - Proving the perfect match between Chocolate & Couture: 
• 75% of people aware of the event visited,  
• 1 in 2 visitors made purchases 
• 10% increment in sales  
• Demand exceeded 450 % online pre-orders versus vs quota, within two hours. 

BRAND RESULTS - Successfully elevated Ferrero from just a “Gold Wrapper” to a deep appreciation of Praline craftsmanship: 
• 74% POSITIVE brand perception; +5% point uplift  
• 76% INTENT TO PURCHASE Ferrero; +5% point uplift  
• 70% increase in online searches versus pre-event, a spike in interest. 

MEDIA RESULTS - Extensive yet on point reach: 
• 1 in 2 Hongkongers are aware  
• 366,390 video views 
• 104,979 social engagements: likes, comments, shares 
• 3,047,744 people reached  
• 47,072,026 impressions  
• HKD8,500,000+ ($1m+) worth of PR value. 

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