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Drone-Hijacking The iPhone 7

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Usually, people only renew their mobile contract every two years. But when a new iPhone is released, suddenly a lot of people want to change supplier, regardless of where they are in their current contract term. Thus, the iPhone itself is the trigger. But authenticity and quick implementation are key to outpace Vodafone’s strong competitors.  


The target audience: 12 million Apple-users in Germany. Since the press event on September 7, they have been looking forward to September 16th when the new iPhone would hit the stores. 

To reach them, MEC enlisted the help of a group of Germany’s most well-known tech and entertainment influencers, selected for their high penetration of audience with iPhone love. It went all in on content marketing since this could create the instant social media buzz it was looking for. 

The agency decided to give those people what they wanted most: A look at the iPhone before anyone else and only seconds after it was allowed to sell it. Leveraging a fun stunt, a group of influencers' enthusiasm and recommendation, and the power of social media, in real-time. Enabled and branded by Vodafone. 


At midnight on the 16th, the agency delivered the new iPhone to influencers via drones (a world-first for an Apple device launch). Joyce Ilg, one of Germany’s biggest influencers goes live on Facebook. Fashionista Caro Daur posts stories on Instagram. Soon all the influencers join in with their content. Vodafone merges all live feeds in one signal. Everything is linked to, the content hub with a direct connection to Vodafone’s iPhone 7 offer. 

After a few minutes, it had over one million live views and 100,000 reactions. The influencers' social reach powers #iPhone7 to #1 trending topic – with a clear connection to Vodafone. 

The valuable data was forwarded and amplified through all digital channels. A highlight film, summarising all the drone deliveries, was placed as a YouTube masthead, it featured on social media, on all homepages – everywhere. Before its competition had breakfast, Vodafone's content was seen all over Germany. 


Vodafone highjacked Apple magic: 90 million reach, nine million views and 3.2 million interactions initiated all-time high iPhone-numbers for Vodafone. Compared to the launch of the previous iPhone, total sales increased by 43%. More significant for this project and underlining the power of digital branded content, the digital sales more than doubled (+112%). Two thirds of the digital sales were clearly connected to the drone delivery, coming from social, banners or Vodafone’s content portal 

All in all, it reached the objective to position Vodafone as the #1 telco brand in the #iphone7 buzz analysis.

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September - September 2016
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