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BMW Beyond 100

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2016 was a landmark year for the BMW Group as it celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Home to BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI and BMW Motorrad, the group wanted to celebrate its unique heritage and also underline its position as an industry pioneer.  

After decades of small iterations, a revolution is coming to the automotive sector. A perfect storm of technological and digital developments, coupled with alternative building materials and new energy solutions, means sweeping changes are coming. 

BMW Group wanted to fully leverage these vehicles, and its access to visionary designers and engineers, to create future-facing stories that would translated emotionally. 

It was important to the company that the campaign did not look or feel like traditional advertising, with stories told with a distinct editorial voice, informative without being too formal. 


By using Bloomberg Media’s multimedia portfolio, BMW Group was able to highlight the seismic changes that are coming to the automotive sector and position itself as a thought leader and true pioneer. Bloomberg Media could take the core values of the BMW Group and bring them to life at the time and place they are most relevant to the audience by seamlessly aligning them with the key Bloomberg editorial themes of the year.

BMW Group wanted to reassert its position as an innovative leader among the world's business communities by engaging mid-to-high level executives, high net worth individuals, leaders and owners. The German group also wanted to reach potential corporate collaborators in the technology sector and beyond. 

The broad nature of the campaign - encompassing all BMW Group vehicles - and its emphasis on future trends, meant traditional target customer segmentation did not apply.

It was important individual assets of the campaign were able to appeal to anyone interested in the new direction of travel in the automotive sector while still engaging current users of BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorbikes.

The Beyond100 campaign had to appeal to a large, diverse group - spanning males and females, aged 20-70, united only by their inquisitiveness and the fact they were on the move. 

BMW Group wanted to reassert its well-earned role as an industry leader in this increasingly competitive landscape. Its Centenary celebrations provided a perfect platform upon which to convey these changes to a wider audience. While the tentative exploits of new comers like Tesla, Apple and Google have dominated the headlines, BMW Group is already well underway with disrupting itself.

It not only had ideas and new partnerships underway, but 2016 saw the launch of its VISION vehicles – concept vehicles that were sure to demand attention. 


#Beyond100 produced 100 Q&As, including 39 interviews, 17 interactive infographics, 15 videos, and seven magazine spreads.

From engaging print articles to shareable, actionable digital content, a series over the course of the year mirroring and accentuating the 2016 BMW Group celebrations, to amplify the  BMW’s Group’s uncompromising focus on premium and use Bloomberg’s platform’s to give influential audiences a taste of the world that BMW Group hopes to help shape over the next 100 years.

Beyond 100 was an opportunity to celebrate BMW Group’s multi-dimensional vision for tomorrow’s world. Running across BMW Group’s pivotal 100th anniversary year, it systematically took a journey through a total of 100 key questions that will shape this iconic, inspirational group over the 100 years. These 100 questions helped audiences understand the common themes, ambitions, challenges and obsessions of the Group and its brands, and give a taste of the answers BMW Group hope to find as told by the brand’s ambassadors, employees, research , customers, partners and retailers.

Bloomberg’s in-house creative team, Bloomberg Media Studios, drew upon BMW Group’s latest launches and projects, interviewed its leaders in design and engineering, and talked to industry experts and specialists in related fields. 

This was all supplemented with data and trends from Bloomberg’s own global analytics teams in Bloomberg Intelligence and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 


While the #Beyond100 was a branding campaign, it also resonated throughout the marketing funnel, with one research focus group unearthing the most direct of responses: “Visiting Bloomberg’s pages for BMW inspired me to do more research. This, in turn, resulted in my deciding to buy a BMW. I am now a happy owner of my first BMW.” 

Brand Perceptions:
• 25% positive increase among those completely agreeing that the BMW Group is at the forefront of engineering
• 41% positive increase among those completely agreeing that the BMW Group is helping shape tomorrow's world.

The website content out performed benchmarks across a number of key statements:
• The target audience found the custom content highly exciting exceeding the top 20% benchmark for excitement by 30%
• The custom content was highly relevant to the target audience, exceeding the top 20% benchmark for personal relevance by 14%

It received more than 73,000 page views, 19,000+Video Plays, Average Dwell Time: 2 minutes 16 seconds and 32% Average CTR.

Organic tweets; @BBGMedia

• Over 100+ tweets sent over the course of the campaign
• 96k impressions
• 1,405 interactions 

Page performances (total organic shares across all pages):

• Shared 144 times across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
• 2,143 interactions
• 30,018,814 total audience.

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