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Thrive Through Disruption

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Business leaders will all agree that we are living in a disrupted world.  

The pace of change is impacting all industries and sectors, resulting in companies of all sizes looking out for innovative solutions to leverage this fast-paced change. 

These businesses find themselves facing up to disruptive trends, or seeking to be disruptive in their own right. 

This provides a huge opportunity for EY to develop deeper relationships across the C-suite and help them navigate this current climate. And it was clear that the brand needed to demonstrate its capability in this area: a market leader that could help CXOs face disruption head on. 

What makes EY truly distinctive is its purpose: ‘Building a better working world.’ And at the heart of building a better world is a willingness to ask tough questions: those that get to the meat of a problem or help identify new ways of thinking. EY’s unique perspective was that businesses could retain their cutting edge, even in challenging environments, by asking “better questions”. Business leaders who did this were more likely to avoid the pitfalls of a changing environment.  

Asking ‘better questions’, paired with its expertise in disruption, would give EY the platform to shift perception of the brand among senior business leaders.  


MediaCom partnered to create: ‘Thrive Through Disruption’ - a global, integrated programme aligning a brand new content series produced by the Economist Films & the Economist Intelligence Unit with EY’s ‘Better Questions’ campaign. 

This partnership would allow EY to: 

- Effectively reach its hard-to-reach C-suite audience  
- Create highly credible, distinctive content and tools for business leaders to put into action immediately when implementing their disruption strategy 
- Develop ground-breaking formats (i.e. documentary films) in this category.   

The content would be hosted on a central hub ( on the Economist Films page, supported by a robust Economist editorial and paid media social campaign.  

The never-before-seen film series showcased unique disruption stories across 3x key industries, as well as supporting Economist content centred around 4x key ‘questions’ that business leaders need to ask when developing their strategy: 

1. Leadership – Who will lead you through disruption?  

2. Culture and Purpose – How do you inspire disruption within your organisation? 

3. Customers – How can disruption from clients drive innovation as your company?  

4. Innovation and Trends – How can you spot tomorrow’s disruption? 

The integrated partnership would create a balanced, in-depth, and distinctive view of how disruption is affecting business here and now that would both capture the attention of a highly demanding audience and truly change perceptions of EY’s range of services. 


The campaign inspired the C-suite audience through the rich, visual narratives of Economist Films, informing them on how to prepare for a digital future and involving them directly through an in-depth report: 

Inspire: Economist Films and EY developed ‘The Disrupters’ - three films exploring the pressures of change confronting some of the world’s most established industries. The stories focused on real people within businesses or in communities that were being disrupted, giving the series a truly distinctive, human feel. For example – it featured stories about the only female Ola rickshaw driver in Bangalore, a village in Bavaria using 100% renewable energy sources, highlighting the pace of change in the Auto & Energy sectors respectively.  A director’s cut was also developed featuring EY senior leaders’ views on these disruption topics. 

Inform: The Economist Intelligence Unit created a series of articles and case studies around EY's 4x key ‘questions’, researching key trends and best practices gleaned from conversations with senior business executives. These content pieces helped companies to identify key ways in which they could leverage and prepare for disruption.  

Involve: It then surveyed C-suite and senior business executives and investigated how they approach disruption and how prepared they are to adopt and implement their strategies. The in-depth output of the survey was then hosted on the EY Economist hub, which showcased the results in a rich, immersive article format.  


Results for this campaign remain confidential at the client's request. 

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