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Shell Advance – Scooter Oil

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There’s nowhere you can turn in Southeast Asia without seeing hordes of scooters. More than 8/10 households own at least one (Pew Research Centre, 2015) and they fill the chaotic, hot, dangerous roads.

Scooter riders are typically younger and less affluent than car drivers. They rely on their trusty steed for years, accepting the relentless assault that the tough road conditions put them through as par for the course.

Shell Advance’s scooter-specific oil reduces fuel consumption, provides longer engine life and a smoother, safer ride in tough conditions. In short, buying it is a no brainer.

But riders in Southeast Asia had no idea that special scooter oil existed! When the agency spoke to scooter drivers in Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi, it quickly became clear that no one was that interested. They didn’t know there was something proactive they could do to protect their ride.

The only kind of bespoke oils that people knew about were products for glamorous global motorcycle icons like Harley Davidsons and Triumphs – not for humble scooters.

MediaCom's challenge was to build awareness for a product that consumers didn’t know existed and didn’t understand the value in buying.

To cut through the apathy, it needed to focus on the typically Southeast Asian experience of driving a scooter and talk to consumers like a brand that knows what they need.

Success was critical because without proper oil, their scooters wouldn’t keep them on the road for as long or as affordably.


Shell gave the oil category a change of gear by making it relatable.

The agency identified two audiences who’d fast-track Shell Advance’s scooter oil sales.

1. Passionate Scooterists: The brand retails at a higher price point than the unbranded oils sold at family-run stalls still seen along Asia’s roadsides. It needed to speak to scooterists who are passionate about the freedom and mobility their ride gives them – their scooter is their lifeline. They are more likely to convert to trial on a premium product to prolong their scooter’s life and become brand evangelists.

2.Scooter Mechanics: People didn’t know or understand the product, so it needed experts on the ground to promote Shell on its behalf. Therefore, the ‘scooter mechanics’ audience was crucial - the agency made sure the trade knew this solution was the best in the market.

To combat apathy, MediaCom's strategy was built on bringing the product closer to everyday Southeast Asian riding experiences.

It put proud, passionate scooterists ‘in the driving seat’. For the first time, it specifically reached scooter drivers, rather than motorcyclists.

The agency created ‘oil advocates’ in the most social region of the world. By speaking like a brand that knows what scooterists need, it drove authentic conversation about this low-involvement category amongst influencers, riders and trade.

To ensure relatability, MediaCom only activated highly localised content and assets that confidently heroed the humble Asian scooterist, instead of the usual famous European motorcyclists.

This strategy ensured Shell Advance scooter oil became relevant and valuable in Southeast Asia.


But this wasn’t just another influencer campaign driving engagement but limited reach.

To fuel its strategy of bringing oil closer to everyday Southeast Asian riding experiences, MediaCom layered strategic regional partnerships with credible, local content.

Scooterists in the Driving Seat: Regionally, it minimised wastage by only speaking to scooterists – not to generic ‘auto’ segments. The agency partnered with leading video platforms Innovid and Tube Mogul to build customised, market-specific segments against the two audiences.

To educate these groups about the value of scooter-specific oil, it created and distributed an interactive video unit where they explored how scooters are different to motorbikes – and therefore need distinct protection (view here:

Locally, content-led executions ensured relatability. The agency activated branded fan pages celebrating scooter drivers in Thailand, high affinity sports sponsorships in the Philippines and biker forum/community engagement to educate riders in Indonesia.

Oil Advocates: Regionally, it partnered with Unruly to create and distribute a native ‘social’ video unit. The extensively shared creative was specially designed to promote social engagement (view here: Locally, it brought scooter oil into the audience’s world by engaging relevant local influencers and auto sites to start the social conversation.

With its global brand scale, regional efficiencies and local nuances, Shell made scooter oil relatable and valuable to Southeast Asian scooterists, speeding it towards sales.


Results for this campaign remain confidential at the client's request.

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June 2016 - May 2017
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