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Cleaning expert needed?

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“Mum, do you know how can I remove an ink stain on my t-shirt?” 

“Hey guys, does anyone know how can I clean nail polish on my carpet?”  

“I have a chocolate stain on my jacket, do you know how to take it off, grandma?” 

These are everyday questions made by everyday people to relatives or friends when it comes to house-care problems. 

And yet, we cannot find right answers. There are a lot of myths about old-home-made solutions such as using lemon juice, vinaigrette in order to remove stains from clothes or the floor. They are not effective and a lot of people are not aware that many Unilever products can remove stains easily, professionally and that those answers are available online... and in one place! 

That is why Cleanipedia was born. Cleanipedia is a Unilever’s site for solving everyday cleaning problems with Unilever’s portfolio. The content in the website brings to the users accurate answers to their questions giving cleaning advice and educating about the different uses of the Unilever products, demystifying homemade solutions. Unilever brands (OmoDomestosCif, Surf, Comfort) can solve every day cleaning problems through Cleanipedia, proving real utility. 

Cleanipedia’s Challenge was to demystify old-home-made recipes by proposing new pro-solution and creating awareness of the site.  


Every day, users have different kind of cleaning needs: how to clean kitchen, clothes, bathroom, shoes, etc. But these users don’t know they have information online available for every cleaning need. 

Initiative's strategy is to help people with their cleaning problems by creating awareness of Cleanipedia, positioning it as a Subject Media Expert, connecting the right people with the right content. 

The agency used programmatic data to connect every cleaning need with relevant content, empowering Unilever products and demystifying homemade solutions. It needed to let people know that there´s a place where all the cleaning questions could be answered. 

To bring the right content to every specific need, it had to use all the available data to make this link. 

First, the agency collected all the audiences built through past campaigns of Unilever brands (OmoDomestosCif, Surf, Comfort). It created a new kind of second-party data, merging all the organic visits that Cleanipedia’s site had with lists of audiences that visited similar sites/content to Cleanipedia 

It used third party audiences showing great behavioural online interest in home and clothing care and added lookalike modelling with Cleanipedia and 1st party audiences. 

The agency created 17 audiences: nine based on clothing care and eight based on home care.  

Next, it had to find out which is the right message to show in the ad to connect every cleaning need to the relevant content on the site.  

It was key to keep the quality of the volume of visits in order to not have negative impact in the sites positioning and to achieve an important volume of returning visitors that would allow it to reinforce the subject matter experts positioning. The smart use of data available through programmatic was determining to define which audiences to impact. 


Initiative defined the most recurrent questions people have about cleaning stuff. First, it analysed those Cleanipedia articles and products that had the highest organic traffic. After it found top cleaning searches on Google and YouTube. Based on that data defined what the content was going to be about. 

The agency researched about users’ online behaviours and what style of content they prefer. The analysis showed that audiences better received “Buzzfeed style” articles, when it came to reading content. So it used this style to apply it in ads to increase attention and boost user interest. 

Through programmatic the agency created dynamic ads that connected the audiences with their needs. For example: 
- To audiences based on women and clothing care it showed the ad “5 tips to remove hateful ink stains on your favourite dresses” 
- To Audiences based on home care with interest in baths, it showed the ad “3 easy step by step ways to clean bathroom”. 

Initiative created 17 creative lines for its 17 audiences. It had a specific copy and image related to specific audience, and also used the knowledge of the brand’s target. For example: to “Omo” audience (mums) it showed them “ How to remove chocolate stains from clothes? To “Cif” audience (only uses “Cif” on bathrooms but they don’t know that Cif has many other uses), it would show them: “How to polish silver”. 

The agency monitored metrics from analytics (visits & time spent) and interaction rates optimising the campaign in real time through the trading desk. 


The campaign generated a great volume of visits (1.7 million), 7X times the campaign estimated target, based on performance benchmarks and costs. Keeping the quality traffic, it obtained an average time spent of 1 minute 05 seconds…. Which is higher than the organic time spent (00:49). Unlike every other campaign (paid campaigns usually impact negatively in site metrics such as time spent), this programmatic strategy and audience selection with relevant content was so accurate that it increased the average time spent with paid vs. organic traffic.   

It solved more than 314,000 questions about ink stains in clothes and more than 360,000 questions about cleaning bathrooms, etc. 

Costs: due to the performance of the campaign, it had 11less programmatic CPM. 

Performance: Overcame the CTR benchmark in programmatic: +146%. 

The Success of the campaign is changing the Unilever site strategy. It is working on moving all traffic from brand sites to Cleanipedia. Content utility has proven to be more relevant than brand information.

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