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Bepanthen Baby, the diaper rash cream from Bayer, is essential when it's time to change the baby's diaper, helping to take care of the skin. And as everyone knows, babies pee and poo in the most unexpected places. However, many restrooms are not clean or safe for changing diapers. And so parents need to improvise.


To resolve this problem, JWT created Poosters - the first OOH ads that become diaper changers and protect babies from unsanitary restrooms.  
The agency created a small dispenser with special sheets that were made with anti-allergenic paper and ink, and distributed them at strategic restrooms around the city of São Paulo. 


The OOH media was installed in restrooms in the city of São Paulo. 20,000 samples of Bepanthen Baby and posters were distributed by a promoter, helping parents at those moments.

To use them, parents just had to pull a sheet and use it as a base for changing the baby. The posters' illustrations, in combination with the babies on top, created unique characters, inviting the parents to take a photo and post it on social networks.


20,000 posters were provided for delivery along with 20,000 product samples for a three-month action. However, after two weeks, the delivery expectations had been exceeded. The action is still underway today.

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Brand Owner:
Bayer plc
Baby Care
April - June 2017
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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