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A Priceless Journey

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Mastercard strove to drive card preference and awareness for its Priceless Cities experiences amongst 25-45 year olds in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. 

The fact the 75% of  Mastercard’s target audience in LATAM connect from a mobile device daily (Source: eMarketer), coupled with more than 150 million of Mastercard’s target audience available for targeting on Facebook, agency UM knew there was a great opportunity to develop a mobile-first activation. 

Since it discovered that 85% of Mastercard’s target accessed Facebook on a daily basis, Facebook and Mastercard partnered together in unprecedented way. Leveraging these insights and the latest Facebook technology and ad formats (360 video, canvas, cinemagraphs, carousels), Facebook and Mastercard developed a powerful full-funnel concept that surpassed reach goals, drove massive engagement and video views, and paved the way for future Mastercard + Facebook collaborations.


This initiative was supported by the most sophisticated tools on the platform, including a 360º video recorded from a helicopter, an animated Canvas, and Cinemagraphs that took users on a complete trip through the marketing funnel.


Mastercard raised awareness among its target audience by working with creatives on Facebook and Instagram, who created a unique Canvas on Facebook to drive awareness, consideration, and positioning of the Priceless Journeys concept, incorporating a 360 video recorded from a helicopter above the New York City skyscrapers. 

Users were able to change and control their perspective from their phones within the 360 experience, allowing them to explore the city from different angles.

Following awareness, the campaign centered on four pillars: Eat, Stay, Shop, Play. Carousel Ads were leveraged to showcase at least two offers and one entry per category. They created different format combinations by including the seven-second NY Priceless Cities video with Cinemagraphs covering restaurants, events, shopping, and hotels, each with a creative element in motion. 

The shopping cinemagraph featured a photo of a couple in a static position in the middle of NY, holding two swinging bags in their hands. Each category exhibited its benefits through this combination of cinemagraphs, standard videos, and static images, directing audiences to become part of the Priceless Cities programme.

Throughout the campaign, the brand also promoted its ads on Instagram by using a single hashtag #pricelesscities to position its message in an aspirational way.

It segmented the ads with the Facebook Demographic Audiences tool, enabling the brand to obtain massive reach and coverage of people aged 18 and older in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, who are interested in travel.


This Mastercard and Facebook creative partnership, which leveraged best-in-class products built for Facebook and Instagram, achieved a massive reach, and drove the brand’s positioning and preference levels.

- 70% reach of target audience

- 28 million people reached in five different markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico

- 14 million 360 video views.

The offers and benefits of Priceless Cities live on the website, so having a high click-through rate for visits, and healthy time on site are a good measure of the level of interest generated by the communication. This campaign obtained on average a click-to-visit ratio of 24%  and an average duration of visits over 1 minute, exceeding expectations.

Mexico: 29% click-to-visit ratio, average visit time 151"
Brazil: 20% click-to-visit ratio, average visit price 130".

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December - December 2016
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