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Finding Titans

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The peace treaty process in Colombia gave hope to an entire nation. The military and the guerrillas wanted to start over and get back to civil life, a difficult effort for many because of decades of armed conflict. 

The insight was that they would be where they’d feel more comfortable in times of peace. During conflict years they had been at the centre of the conversation, but now it was different. Their institutions would be the entities that would give them the recognition and attention they deserved.


Chevrolet wants Colombians to find new roads for peace: Introducing Titanes Chevrolet, a discount programme for those that deserve a new start.

In 2016, Colombia’s attention was focused on the peace process; its hypotheses was that members of the military would feel out of place, and they’d seek to strengthen their ties with the institution they loyally served during times of war. It’d lead them to concentrate on battalions and military offices. 

The strategy was to design a geo-location programme that allowed iProspect to deliver Chevrolet's message only to the military that frequented those places.


The agency started by getting military bases exact location in main cities. Then, it determined a 3km geographic radius around each of them, within which it would reach its target. To ensure that it would impact true members of the army, it tagged those who stayed at least five days a week at said locations from two weeks before of the campaign. 

During the campaign, the agency aired a simple ad to fill out with name, cell number and email. The discount was good news for the military, and an honest recognition from Chevrolet for their hard work, when the nation needed them the most.


92% of all leads obtained were eligible to get the programme’s benefits. 

The value per lead delivered in the Titans campaign was 59% lower than the average lead cost in the category on non-auction platforms. 

33% of leads were achieved in cities where the Titans programme had no other media.

It achieved hundreds of leads in 14 cities: 47% of the leads visited dealers, asking for the Titans Programme.

Beyond these results, it got multiple data points and databases that were plugged to Navegg (the largest DMP in the region), to be used in future campaigns.

Optimisation and accuracy goals were achieved. But most importantly, it made the brand recognition get to the ones who deserved.

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November - November 2016
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