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Team Guaranie

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In July of 2015, The Indigenous Copa America was held in Chile. Indigenous soccer players from across LATAM showcased their talents in the new tournament, and against all odds, Paraguay’s team won the tournament without a single defeat. 

Incredibly, media outlets in the country avoided the subject and did not report this incredible feat. Pilsen decided to do something about it. It would bring the deserved attention the indigenous team deserved and in the process trade on Pilsen’s established place as one of Paraguay’s oldest, most patriotic and football loving national beer brands. 


The agency decided to tell the untold story of how Paraguay's indigenous people’s team achieved the greatest honours despite the hardships. It would honour the players, and in the process, begin to break the taboos and discrimination that difficult the integration of indigenous people into society and professional sports. 

To do this, Kausa Havas used a format that was relatively unknown in Paraguay: Web Series. These would focus on the individual and collective stories of the indigenous young players that were forgotten by mainstream media.


It selected four different Paraguayan movie directors to produce four web series that would put a voice, a face and name to each of these forgotten heroes. 

The campaign started with a 30" teaser that gave a preliminary look into what was to come in the five episodes. It appeared on all main national TV networks and movie cinemas a week before the Cup of the Americas football competition started.

The next phase of the campaign was led by social media where the agency posted one web series a week on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. The videos also lived on a specially created Pilsen microsite.

It then launched a full spectrum ATL (above the line) activity with OOH, radio and PR initiatives to promote the different chapters of the web series.

Finally, it sent the chapters to the main Paraguayan sports media outlets that had initially ignored the indigenous team’s victory.     


“Guaraníes de Selección” achieved 15 million media impressions and earned media value was valued at $1.2m. Sales increased by 300% in 2016.  

The story was reported on all major Paraguayan media outlets, and sports outlets finally brought the feat the attention it deserved. 

With only 7K invested in paid media, the four chapters collected a total of 1.4 million views on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook - not bad for a country with a population of seven million.

The football association of Paraguay started working towards the integration of indigenous people in professional football. In fact, one of the players of the indigenous team was even drafted into a top level team.

And lastly, the campaign brought awareness to the nation about the unpleasant realities shared by their indigenous populations; it demonstrated they could achieve anything they set their minds and heart on. 

So this campaign changed a reality on people´s minds, but also a reality in Paraguay´s professional football, creating the appropriated atmosphere to achieve the arrival of the first native player to a first division team.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev
Drinks (alcoholic)
April - July 2016
Kausa Havas (1)
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