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Dominican Republic is a country of more than 10 million people. Although it's equally distributed, women still face disadvantages in the workplace. According to the Dominican National Office of Statistics, in 2015 women earned 27.63% less than their male peers.

Tiendas La Sirena, one of the biggest employers in the country with 7,121 employees across the nation, wanted to raise awareness for the International Women's Day on March 8th 2016, by promoting a message of gender equality in the workplace. Preferred by Dominican women, 70% of the brand's consumers are women.

Knowing that men earn more money than women and are the majority in most of the job roles in the country, the brand wanted to show people how gender disparity looked. For that day, it would reframe TV shows by keeping the centre focus on men to demonstrate the gender gap in the workplace. Addressing this issue allowed La Sirena to deliver a message that would inspire the nation to start a conversation and fight for equal rights for women in the workplace and society. 


The brand wanted to create awareness for gender disparity in the workplace in a very clear and convincing way, and March 8th, the International Women's Day, became the perfect opportunity to do it.

Previous traditional campaigns had failed in generating the impact that was needed to address such an important message, that's why OMD needed to be disruptive. Since TV is the most important medium, preferred by 95% of Dominicans, it negotiated with the most prominent influencers in the country to completely change the appearance of their daily shows to demonstrate through a simple live action how unfair the gender gap is. 


The agency selected the top Prime Time TV shows including news and variety programmes featuring the most prominent celebrities in the country. It set out to demonstrate with a very simple camera movement how underestimating women at work actually looked. 

On set while the hostess was talking, on frame you would only see the man, while an overlay displayed the percentage of men versus women who occupied the same job roles in the most prominent professions in the country. How they appeared on frame represented this distribution. 

Throughout the show the camera would slowly reframe until 50% participation was reached. This is when the brand addressed the audience with a message that not only empowered women, but also invited the nation to start the conversation about gender equality in the workplace.


The action got the attention and support of the media resulting in more than $160,000 in free press.

The most prominent celebrities in the country joined in on the brand's conversation about the importance of a nation that will no longer tolerate underestimating women's role in society generating brand awareness for La Sirena.

The country's First Lady, Cándida Montilla de Medina, and the Vice-President, Margarita Cedeño joined the conversation expressing their desire to build a society with equal rights for both men and women. They even took this further and created a series of workshops and seminars to empower women in different fields.

Due to the action's impact, La Sirena vowed to keep its policy to employ men and women equally without gender discrimination. Up to this date the company has a 55:45% ratio.

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La Sirena
Brand Owner:
Grupo Ramos
Dominican Republic
March - March 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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