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Kit Kat Squad

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The confectionery market is very cluttered. As soon as consumers enter a store they are “assaulted” by a huge variety of brands ready to capture their attention. In store, brands trigger impulse purchase with similar weapons: visibility close to the counter, same distribution channels, promotions. MEC understood that Kit Kat needed to build mental availability before consumers got into the point of sale. 

Several interviews to consumers and mystery shopper studies proved that the purchase dynamic in this category was quite “mechanic” and repetitive: people just bought what they were used to buying. The category was starting to manifest the first signs of commoditisation.

To build mental availability and provoke a shift in purchase behaviour, the agency needed to re-establish the presence of the brand by revamping its personality (“have a break with Kit Kat”). It needed to give a “new voice” to a brand having lower share of voice in the advertising competitive arena.

The challenge was clear: clearly delineate Kit Kat persona in consumers mind. And make this happen with a smart optimisation of the budget available.


How to give a voice to Kit Kat?

It was not only about building an effective campaign flight, choosing the most relevant touchpoints for its audience. This approach proved that smart “flighting” was not enough to generate a relevant change in consumer’s behaviours.

To build mental availability OMD needed to boost brand “recall”, i.e. make Kit Kat the most relevant snack in Puerto Rico.

Therefore, it chose a path that was completely different in the category: Give a voice to the brand through local voices. 

Local “voices” were represented by the most “unstoppable” and popular personalities in the island. It needed them to prove Puerto Ricans that “only Kit Kat” can make them take a break! The agency reached them though what it called “Kit Kat squad”, a team of ambassadors offering the Kit Kat experience across Puerto Rico.

This way it turned the “P.O.E” approach into a “O.E.P” approach.

The strategic planning took life like through: 

- an “owned” activation (the squad and the Kit Kat experience)

- amplified via Facebook live and generating an astonishing organic engagement (earned) 

- a little “paid media effort” including mentions on radio and social posts.

It was key that to guarantee the success of the idea OMD needed to scout “unstoppable ambassadors” absolutely relevant and loved in Puerto Rico: it needed to select the best voices to give Kit Kat the right voice!


The first “unstoppable character” was Rocky the Kid, an energetic radio DJ with a huge and very engaged fanbase on Facebook. During his show “El Despelote” (“the mess”) he asked the audience “what’s the chore you hate the most?”. The Kit Kat Sqaud reached out real time all the people calling back Rocky to offer them a break! 

Rocky became ambassador of the Kit Kat Squad and offered a memorable break to other two well-known Puerto Ricans, famous for their unstoppable dedication to work. 

The first break was given to Ángel Luis Lebron, a traffic police officer known as “el policía bailarín” (the dancing police officer). He works every morning in one of the busiest traffic intersections in the city of Caguas. He takes his duties a bit further, dancing salsa while directing traffic, making him one of the most recognisable faces in the city. On the morning of Wednesday October 19th, the KitKat Squad arrived to the intersection where Ángel works, gave him a chair and some Kit Kats. Rocky took the control of the traffic while giving his worst (but incredibly laughable) dancing steps. The event was broadcasted on Facebook Live and became Rocky’s most successful post! 

Two weeks later it went to “El Cantiflas”, a 24hr local taqueria. Rocky gave a break to Mirialys Silvas, one of the most popular servers in the Island, working more than 12 hours every day. Rocky offered her a break and served the multiple customers of the taqueria during the afternoon.


The results generated by this influencer activation were absolutely beyond any expectation.

From a media perspective, the combination of Facebook Live amplification, posts (both in Rocky’s and “El Despelote”’s profile) generated over 3,300 reactions, 78,900 views and 500 shares in a period of two weeks. This added +35% coverage to the standard paid media campaign, representing more than the double of a traditional paid social media campaign! But most importantly, the Kit Kat Squad generated crucial results in terms of business.

It not only stopped the progressive loss of market share but increased sales by 5%, standing for a +0.3% market share!

This was a big step for a brand that had been losing market share in the last two years and an impressive performance for any brand in the confectionery category.

With this activation, it not only proved to Puerto Rico how great it is to have a break with Kit Kat but also showed MEC is Hershey’s most valuable partner, achieving results that were supposed to be impossible to conquer. The client highlights their experience by saying: “We loved the idea from the beginning, mostly because it was different and would cause the impact we needed. The work MEC delivered from development to execution was excellent! Kit Kat is a very dynamic brand that welcomes initiatives such as this one, because we all deserve a Kit Kat Break!” 

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Puerto Rico
October - November 2016
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