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Skip Mirror

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Skip has positioned itself successfully as the most technological brand in the solution wash market, thanks to the permanent innovation on its products and its edgy communication to consumers.

The marketing challenge was to keep on track with this positioning, communicating to a target that demands new forms of communication and engagement.

But Skip is not only known for its technology, but also for its credentials of "I love what you are wearing" and seeks to demonstrate that it is the brand that loves clothes as much as its consumers do because it keeps them looking as new for longer.

Women all over the world love clothes. They spend hours in front of the mirror discovering how they look with every outfit they wear.  

In Argentina, 82% of the brand's target audience has bought new clothes in the last month, showing great engagement with shopping malls and fashion stores.

The challenge was to enable women to interact with the brand and their love for clothes.

Initiative needed women to get involved with the brand, but not in any way. The objective was to capture their attention with something new, something they would not expect. Surprise and gratify them.


The agency understood that in a technologic world, it could not be behind. In fact, Skip is known as “Skip Intelligent” for having the most innovative formulas to remove statins from clothes. 

Skip was the fisrt brand to sell liquid and concentrated detergent.

Always at the edge of innovations, its target is used to new technologies brought by Skip.

Skip women have great affinity with keeping up to date with technology improvements in their everyday life, from smartphones and tablet, to immersive experiences with augmented reality and virtual reality.

Initiative's strategy was to create an activation that would keep Skip technological positioning, share Skip love for clothes and engage with women in a way that did not do before.

The agency knew about its target's love for clothes but also about who it is highly engaged with new technologies. It had to find the way to meet Skip positioning with customer passions.


It carried out a full-tech experience: Smart Mirror, the first technological mirror capable of measuring the love for clothes. If Skip loves what you are wearing, how better way to share this love with an immersive experience. 

Made with Kinect technology, it allows users to control and interact with the mirror without having physical contact through a natural user interface that recognises gestures, voice commands, and objects and images.

The mirror was installed in one of the biggest stores of Desiderata, a fashion clothes loved by Skip target, specifically in Santa Fe and Callao, one of the most visited corners of Buenos Aires.

The system was amazing, through the union of different technological components and specialised hardware, like body measurement, the mirror detected the compatibility between women and clothes.

When the person stopped in front of the mirror, it was activated by exploring the signals of her body. Her heartbeats, facial expression, and body language allowed the smart mirror to determine her feelings, compatibility, and expression towards her look. 

After a few seconds, the mirror reflects with hearts how much you love what she was wearing. 

Skip gifted the outfit to women that really loved what they were wearing. 

The agency amplified the Mirror Activation with nine videos on YouTube inviting women to live the experience at Desiderata store. Also with a very strong strategy of influencers on Twitter and Instagram it generated massive awareness about this activation, also in Facebook with promoted posts it built high levels of reach.


Women loved the Mirror. More than one thousand women visited the shops to live the experience. The brand had a very strong repercussion on social media, by women sharing their experience with photos or videos.

Facebook: Reached four million unique users

Instagram: Increased followers by approx. 60% 

Twitter: Reached three million unique users and increased engagement attention rate about 12 times.

YouTube: Increased the VTR of the brand benchmark approx. 17% and generated more than eight million views.

Skip innovated once again with technology, not on its formula, but in the way it engages with women and the love for their clothes.

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Brand Owner:
August - November 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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