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The Worst Offer on Black Friday

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Dominican Republic is ranked number six in countries with the highest cases of domestic violence. According to the General Prosecutor for Women's affairs, in 80% of the cases of murdered women abuse was never reported. In the last 10 years, 2,506 women have lost their lives due to it. 

Tiendas La Sirena, the largest retailer in the country preferred daily by Dominican women, wanted to raise awareness for this issue by promoting a message on November 25th, the international day of non violence against women. 

The international day of non-violence against women, coincidentally in 2016 was also Black Friday. The brand wanted to provoke a nation and make them talk about this deadly issue. But how could this cause speak louder than the biggest sales of the year? Even clients turned to social media to demand the best offers, so it used this as bait to start the conversation.


Online everybody has an opinion, especially on the most important days when people fill social media with comments about their thoughts and beliefs. This was the case of Black Friday, when people demanded La Sirena's best offers. 

It did its best and gave them the worst it could. It took the most desired product: a big screen TV and gave it a price drop of just 10 US cents. The agency posted it on La Sirena's Facebook fanpage knowing that its 626,000 active followers would notice it and speak out against it. That put them exactly where it wanted showing them that on a day like that there was a bigger problem that needed to be addressed urgently instead of complaining about a simple offer: violence against women should also be reported.


With a very limited budget on the morning of Black Friday the agency posted the offer. In a matter of seconds the post was flooded with negative comments, jokes and hundred of infuriated shares. People got angry. They felt victimised and started pointing out what they believed was wrong and demanded it to fix it. 

In real-time OMD used the same words on their comments to reply each and every one with personalised answers, encouraging them to do the same and speak up against a problem that affected the nation in a much more dramatic scale: violence towards women must be reported.

It included the telephone number for Línea Vida, the free of charge hotline to report cases of violence against women, and also a link for filing online reports. Later on, a video summarised the action including all their comments inviting others to join the cause.


The post reached more than 3,500,000 people on Facebook and Instagram and generated 220,000 interactions that included thousands of comments of people who understood the power of social media to report cases of violence against women.

The most prominent personalities in TV, entertainment, journalism, media and sports talked about the action online and on live TV.

More than $200,000 generated in free press.

Thousands of voices joined in on the brand's conversation about the importance of a nation that will no longer tolerate violence against women generating brand awareness for La Sirena.

In spite of the action, the brand managed to increase its Black Friday sales by 1.9% compared to the previous year.

During the most active season for retailers, TOM increased 20% and the brand preference grew 32% in comparison to the last measurement.


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La Sirena
Brand Owner:
Grupo Ramos
Dominican Republic
November - November 2016
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