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Aeromexico Auctions

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Aeromexico's audience comments every day on its Facebook wall with destinations they want to visit, with conversation increasing every time it talks about any of its destinations. Being an airline, most of the time its wall is filled with negative conversation, so it wanted to raise a positive conversation through relevant posts and generate an increase in engagement. It wondered what would happen if it talked about any sort of destination and asked its audience to bid for it... 


This activity had a very specific goal: increase Facebook engagement with positive sentiment. Therefore, the idea had to be simple and Facebook native.  

Through social listening, the brand found that its Facebook audience wanted low fares to their favourite destinations. It wanted to go further and give them the opportunity to win free flights.  

So, it created “Subastas” (auctions) and invited fans to bid with “likes” on the posted destinations that had starting prices. If they didn’t get the likes on their comment on Aeromexico’s post, they couldn’t win, and if they reached the goal (or surpassed it) and nobody bid with more likes, they won a pair of roundtrip tickets to the offered destination.  


Pre-launch (December 12, 2016): 
● The goal was to create awareness for the bids at Aeromexico's fan page.   
● Through main creative, it increased the interest of the audience to discover more details about the bids. 

Explanation of the bid (December 15, 2016): 
● Explanatory and aspirational approach. 
● The goal was to create expectation, through a descriptive message, in which the users were explained how they could realise their dream of travelling to their favourite destination, only using likes. 
 A video called "Time to give and receive" explained how to buy a trip with likes at Aeromexico 
● The video was used to carry out an engagement ads campaign to reach non-fans of Aeromexico and increase the fan base.  

Bids (December 22-26, 2016): 
● The brand encouraged user interactions, inspired new users to take control of the bid, and the destinations for which they would bet. 
● "Win a trip with likes" posts were used. Likewise, a post will be made based on the conversations generated during the dynamics to establish the destinations to be auctioned. 

A final auction was launched on December 26 in which users could bid for Aeromexico's designated destination. 


The campaign resulted in the following: 
- Impressions: 4,174,994 
- Engagement: 5.8% over 2.1% in 2016    
- Participants: 2,040 
- Conversation: 81% positive  
- New fans: 269,000 (+2.5% vs 2016). 

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December - December 2016
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