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A Christmas Flight

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LATAM Airlines, as a new brand, had to build brand awareness, so the main goal was to create a strategy to connect emotionally with Millennials, the new brand target. 

LATAM is proud to be seen as a brand that makes dreams come true, so agency Graphene wanted to take advantage of Christmas’ season, in which people are more open to talk about dreams and wishes, to make their dreams of travelling come true. In a competitive time of the year, it needed to do something different. 

Flight tickets’ rates change depending on the law of supply and demand. When most people want to travel, flight tickets are more expensive, and this is what happens in Christmas’ season, except for December 24th, 25th or 31st, when costs are lower because no one wants to travel on Christmas eve; only people who need to take advantage of lower costs are up to travelling during these dates despite of losing their family reunions. LATAM wanted to make something different for these passengers. 

After some research, the agency found out that people consume more social media during the festivities, because it’s all about sharing, photos, wishes and specially “touching” videos on Facebook and Twitter.  

Social Media is also consumed to see what’s going on with Christmas in different parts of the world. Laptops and desktops are left behind a work and everything becomes mobile, while YouTube is used to play songs at family and friends’ meetings. 


Graphene thought of an experience that could be shared on media, even more, it had to be a video content since it drives emotions better than any other format. 

The strategy was based on bringing Christmas into life for those who cannot travel on a different date because of ticket rates.  

Every airline lowers their rates during Christmas, so it had to do something different to give LATAM a unique proposition and to get people’s attention. 

LATAM, a brand that believes in dreams and works for making them true, made a liberating experience for those parents who couldn’t afford travelling on a different date, and made them enjoy a beautiful on-board experience with their children and Santa Claus, helping them have a magical day that they wouldn’t forget.  

It wanted to show passengers, especially kids, that Santa Claus was travelling at the same time as they were, on the night of December 24, to keep alive their faith in the magic of Christmas. 

Regarding the media strategy, the key objective was to gain a broad reach, focusing on brand awareness, and to achieve a positive reaction in social networks. The agency chose platforms based on its target's media habits on Christmas.  

It wanted to give digital support to this magical campaign, and show the audience how LATAM can make dreams come true by demonstrating how they can give a unique trip with a Christmas’ spirit that kids wouldn’t forget. 


The idea was to show kids travelling on Christmas eve, that Santa Claus hadn’t forgotten them. So, on December 25 at 12am the pilot of one of LATAM’s flight told kids on the plane to look out of the window, and there he was: Santa riding his sleigh across the sky. 

It projected an image of Santa Claus and his reindeer onto a bank of clouds, creating a real-time effect of Santa flying outside the plane. It applied a simple technology to every window that allowed passengers to see a projection of Santa. 

After the image was projected, the airline crew distributed gifts brought by Santa to the children, making the flight an unforgettable celebration. 

Children were so amazed and surprised that one could see pure joy in their eyes. 

The activation was recorded into a video asset. 

The amplification execution began with a video teaser on Facebook to ensure expectation, from December 22nd to December 24th, to let people know it was going to do something to keep making their dreams come true. 

It captured the Christmas flight and immediately posted it on December 25th at 00hs on Facebook so people would share with their beloveds and friends. Through YouTube In-Stream and Programmatic it gained reach, not to lose the timing of the activation.  

On December 26, the agency posted it on Twitter, as it is a platform that people use to catch the news and to see what has happened the day before. 


The results were amazing. 

The video teaser reached over four million people on Facebook in just three days. 

As for the video itself, it reached more than 6.5 million people in 13 days, a total of 7,671,808 with the teaser as well, 60% of its audience. This is a great result considering Facebook’s benchmarks. It overcame with a fantastic engagement rate of 37% overall (with a 2% benchmark). It obtained almost 37 million impressions on Facebook alone. 

The campaign resulted in a 9% of ad recall lift which is a 30% increase from the brand's latest results. People watched the video on Facebook 4.5 million times, a 12% VTR, four points more than the average of the brand on this platform. 

Regarding YouTube, the video was seen almost eight million times, with a 22% VTR (5% over the benchmark). 

On Twitter, the ad was seen over two million times in one day, 75% more than the benchmark; with a 32% VTR (69% over the benchmark). It earned 258 mentions, 367 new followers, 546 retweets and 108 responses. 

The experience was seen by at least 20 kids in the plane, but reached almost 10 million people who still believe in the magic of Christmas. 

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LATAM Airlines
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