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The Colour of Corruption

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Brazil is living in an age of epic corruption and political cynicism, but what makes the headlines is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 70,000 politicians in this country, and a complex justice system designed to make it impossible for citizens to see who the corrupt politicians really are.

This campaign set out to make all their acts of corruption visible with the use of a simple plug in. How? By creating a system that organises all this chaotic information into one simple list that is easy to understand and simple to use.


Corruption affects the entire Brazilian population, and since voting is mandatory in this country, Grey had to find a way of spreading Reclame Aqui’s message to the largest amount of people and engaging them into such complex subject. So it used Brazil’s most used browser – Google Chrome – to shine a light at corrupt politicians and expose them to millions of people whilst they’re browsing the web.


The Colour of Corruption highlights the names of corrupt politicians on any website. To see what they’ve got to hide, simply mouse over any marked name, and all the official data on corruption, spread across different judicial authorities, becomes easily available on a list. It works on every website, search engine, news portal and social networks, including the official profiles of corrupt politicians.


The Colour of Corruption spread like wild fire and shifted the social conversation to Reclame Aqui’s new digital tool. It got over 100,000 downloads in the first week. And took over the national and international news, impacting more than 73 million people and generating more than $8.5m in earned media.

The civil society also embraced the project, and 20,000 students from Brazil’s #1 private university are being trained to track official data from all courts and update the database daily, they also earn college credits for doing that. To try and stop this, politicians used hackers, who tried to shut down the website eight times.

Other countries around the world such as Hungary, Belgium, Argentina and the US, are already requesting Reclame Aqui to implement the project as well. And, most importantly, The Colour of Corruption made people understand that through information we all can fight corruption.

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Vigie Aqui
Brand Owner:
Reclame Aqui
December 2016 - ongoing
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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