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The Opening

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Most people in Colombia think that Fashion is only for some people, only those belonging to high socioeconomic level. Very few people knew the brand for H&M stores in other countries.


According to the Turkish proverb "if the mountain won't come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain". UM decided to bring the brand closer to those who believe that fashion is only for "rich people", making them part of fashion and showing them that fashion is for everyone.


H&M literally got closer to people thanks to a media plan based on geo-referencing and showing them that fashion is for everyone at a fair price.

The agency used geo-referenced OOH and mobile with a tactic in the app WAZE, targeting both people who were close to the mall where the store was to generate traffic but also to those in areas away from the mall to attract people to this opening.

The mobile and digital world has a high affinity with the target so UM used these touch points to contact the people. It created a contest called "VIP Contest" in social networks (Facebook and Twitter) whose objectives were both to generate visibility and leads to the H&M newsletter.

The "VIP Contest" relied on influencers from different areas, where 12 personalities among DJ's, Videojockeys, Models, Photographers, Fashion bloggers and actors, wore H&M's clothes so consumers in social networks could choose which of them had the best outfit. With their vote, they could get an exclusive access to the VIP opening party and a $200 bonus to spend in the store.

In parallel, the retailer held a contest with one of the main radio stations, where the winners would travel to Coachella to be the "special envoys" of H&M in this event. This achieved great visibility, brand awareness and, of course, awakened the desire to attend the launch event.


The objective for this campaign was to bring 3,990 people to the opening and, in fact, it got almost 8,000 people there. These results surpassed the opening of similar stores in important countries of Latin America, like Mexico, for example, which only achieved 2,500 people at their opening day. In Colombia, it had almost three times the result of México, that had the record attendance until this. Not bad considering that México exceeds Colombia 1.5 times in size.

• According to H&M, this campaign increased awareness from 24% before the opening to 45% after opening.

The "VIP Contest" resulted in:
- 3.5 million+ people reached
- 36,000 sessions
- 34.9K participants, voters (leads)
- 25.9K newsletter subscriptions
- Conversion rate: 54.9%

… All this on only a $3,000 digital budget.

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April - May 2017
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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