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A new Axe for a new man

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Axe‘s positioning was as the “magic formula” that made girls fall at men’s feet. In 2016 this speech was completely obsolete and Axe needed an update without losing its essence but becoming more inclusive. Therefore, the brand reinvented itself by communicating its new purpose: inspire people to be unique.

The old speech of the brand was no longer valid for the current society of Uruguay, recognised for being a pioneer in matters of personal rights and progressive laws. There was a need to generate empathy, to be relevant and be considered by this new improved type of man.

The challenge was focused on taking a 180-degree turn but without losing the brand essence. Axe could not remain ‘sexist’ in a country which was the second in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage; there was a desperate need to update to this new socio-cultural stage.

After this change of perspective, there was a need of setting down that there were no longer rules nor standards as models to follow, there is only the need to find what makes it authentic, developing a unique and ground breaking approach.


#FindYourMagic was the communication hub of the entire campaign. The strategy included an interdisciplinary analysis between the media department, PR, social media, production and digital, thinking of a creative and effective way to reach its new target. The result was a series of PR Digital actions that integrated different assets with a local approach.

After a deep comms planning strategy, Initiative perceived the need to find alternative and new touch points to approach the target.

The need to gain credibility and the development of a local concept would strongly support this new speech. For this, there were chosen different personalities that were real, attainable and authentic, not typical celebrities.

Working on an ad hoc research, the agency looked for five ambassadors whose common denominator was that they have all broken social barriers and stereotypes to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

Martín Inthamoussú is a ballet dancer and choreographer from the Sodre (Uruguayan national ballet) with a strong artistic personality. He stands out in every project he has been involved with, always spreading his own personal mark.

Belen Marenales is a woman (openly gay), Twitter personality and communicator, with no fear for changes that shows herself authentically, in both physical appearance and attitude, recognised for her rebellious spirit, brave and with no filters. Yes, a woman was one of the main spokespersons of a traditionally male brand!

Boomerang is one a music band that marked a new direction in Uruguayan rock and that today is still reinventing.

Joaquín Pastorino, the typical boy next door, has become one of the most important fashion referents in Uruguay.

And last but not least, Lucas Madrid is the most popular local surfer. With his relaxed style, he is the one that closes the circle of different profiles that brings into life the new brand spirit.


Axe was in the context of launching its new range of deo-perfumes. This was the perfect opportunity to highlight the brand’s goal with the right selection of influencers. The agency created digital videos where each fragrance was associated with the personality of its protagonist, who contributed - from its unicity – as one of the main ingredients, completing each other.

In addition, Initiative developed its own version of Axe's global masculinity study to provide specific data on Uruguayan men regarding this subject.

The influencers became the personification of Axe; they strengthened the message in their social network’s assets and gave interviews in various media contextualising how their reality made perfect match with the campaign.

Axe introduced a new debate in society, becoming a topic of current and relevant conversation, which aroused the interest of local media, achieving a significant number of media spaces. Even achieved the magazine cover of one of Uruguay’s most read publications!

When something is real and perceived as credible, it inspired beyond its goals. This was the case. One of the ambassadors ended up creating a contemporary ballet work conveying the message of the campaign. With the help of Axe’s campaign, it unleashed a completely rupturist action that broke with the old Axe’s approach. In November, the show premiered on the billboard of the Victoria Theater (one of the most important in the country) where people had to buy tickets as with regular show on display. Given the success, there will be a second edition.


The campaign reached different audiences, helping to change Axe’s traditional perception and building new credentials with an engagement as a communication strategy.

The action was amplified in more than 25 relevant Uruguayan media, including press, radio, TV and digital.

The #FindYourMagic hashtag (filtered for Uruguay) generated more than 12 million digital impressions.

Every show of Axe’s Manada (the name of the show of contemporary ballet inspired by Axe) got sold out tickets, becoming a blockbuster success!

94% of the target was reached and the ROI was 183%.

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Brand Owner:
April - December 2016
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