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As a service to the citizens, São Paulo’s Public Prosecutor Office wanted to open the population's eyes to the terrifying truth that one in every three Brazilians believe that “a woman who wears provocative clothing can’t complain if she is raped”.

If people blame women’s clothes for rape, it’s like women were "agreeing" to sexual violence, like they had signed a responsibility term every time they choose to wear what they wanted.

That was exactly VML’s idea: to create fake – and outrageous – terms and conditions on female fashion e-commerce sites.

So, when a customer was about to complete her order on the webstore, a fake responsibility term popped up on the screen: "By choosing this outfit, I cannot complain if I get raped".

Of course, the only option on the pop-up was to "Disagree". And when the consumer did so, she could share the #IDisagree and a post about the campaign on her social networks.


The main and primary target were women with attitude and strong personality and the agency found them through the brands they follow.

Since São Paulo's Public Prosecutor Office is not allowed to invest on media, the strategy had to embrace a smaller community, with enough amplifying power to spread the message through their followers while keeping their attention and trust.

Strategic partnerships with fashion influencers and gender issues concerned clothing brands ensured an authentic cause, and moved the community to start the campaign. Social posting, e-commerce and stores activation were the first step to say #IDisagree. It began in the fashion cluster and kept breaking fences to engage other publics. The agency knew it had hit the right spot when spontaneous partnerships invitations to join the campaign started to pop up.


The fake responsibility term was activated by a plug-in developed by VML’s technology team; this plug-in needed to be installed on each e-commerce tool. Since the merchants could use different e-commerce platforms, it needed to open their codes in order to get the campaign’s customised lightbox.

This plug-in, besides showing the fake term on a lightbox, had a sharing tool that allowed customers to share a customised campaign post on their timelines after the purchase.

Some e-commerce sites were even more engaged and sent a printed tag of the campaign attached to its delivery packages.

At "offline" stores, the process was pretty simple – printed tags with the fake responsibility term tagged onto the clothes.

To cover all of these efforts, the community managing team was on alert monitoring the hashtag on social networks and also hunting content opportunities to create engaging posts for campaign’s social accounts.


20% of e-commerce customers interacted with the fake responsibility term. By this engagement, in just one week it had increased the fan base by eight times.

It also resulted in spontaneous engagement in the fashion Industry. Models, style influencers and celebrities discussed the campaign at São Paulo Fashion Week, the most important fashion event in Latin America. The buzz reached also FashionTV Channel - the only international channel dedicated exclusively to fashion news. The campaign was published as a headline on its portal site and social networks, seen by all their fans.  

It also inspired other brands to take part in the campaign: it started with only one fashion e-commerce, Polinesia (, and then six other brands spontaneously opened their e-commerce codes to have the fake responsibility term, or the campaign tag in their "offline" stores.

#IDisagree was also the spotlight of the Carnival - the most famous Brazilian celebration - when sexual abuse cases increase considerably. Two street blocks from São Paulo (Bloco Sereianos and Tô de Chico), joined the cause and brought the cause to its followers.

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