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Digital Advertising for the Real World

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Automotive is one of the most competitive and aggressive verticals in market. In Mexico 77% of the population lives on less than $20 a day, only 32% own a car and the luxury segment represents the 5% of car sales (INEGI/CONAPO). BMW’s biggest challenge was to target the right people.

X-Range is BMW´s Sports Activity vehicles type and is composed by five models that target four different audiences.

X-1 is directed to entrepreneurs from 25 to 35 years old that don’t feel pressured by anything and are carried away by what they are without imitating anyone.

X-3 and X-4 models are directed to progressive people from 35 to 50 years old that are building success based on dedication and perseverance, luxury means progress and makes them feel like they are doing well.

X-5 is directed to 40 to 50 years old people that like to be recognised and valued, they don´t limit themselves in what they consume and they like everything that is a trend and seek to obtain it.

And finally X-6 is directed to people over 45 years old that consider themselves experts, they are finishing their career successfully.

Traditionally this segment has been targeted through linear communication channels like magazines and BTL activations on malls which suffer a lack of measurement. In addition, competitors were holding the 92% of the SOI (NIELSEN) so BMW decided to focus its campaign only in channels that allowed it to target specific audiences and optimise in real time.


The purchase consideration in the automotive industry takes from one to three months, consumers visit three dealerships on average and nearly four in five smartphone owner’s research at dealerships on phones (Netpop).

Initiative needed to identify clients as they visited luxury brand dealerships and browsed on any relevant internet property. Through a geo location mobile DATA campaign, it was able to deliver highly relevant ads to the people that were inside dealerships or navigating on websites with relevant content. At the same time, it needed to increase the purchase consideration by maintaining a high frequency during the next 90 days after it identified each intender.

Initiative had to find the most efficient way to make X-Range ads relevant.

A DMP provided the agency with a way to target audiences across display, mobile and programmatic DOOH. Thanks to the mobile campaign, it knew where potential consumers were, so it triangulated this data to identify the DOOH screens that were exposed to them at the optimal day part.

Advertising started thousands of years ago with writings on the walls, and since then ad tech has advanced so much and become super sophisticated. But advances are on digital only. Initiative went back to the oldest media of all: Outdoor, and infused all the new ad tech sophistication.

It deeply analysed DATA such as behaviour, interest and intention to identify the segment the audiences belonged to and this enabled for a first time in LATAM deliver dynamic DOOH ads in real time.

The agency identified the luxury car intenders through a mobile campaign targeting the exact geographical location of luxury brand car dealerships.

Then it used a DMP to profile the impacted users and grouped them into four segments; one per each of its targets.


It did this through a cookie match between previously impacted users (1st Party Data) and 3rd party data providers segments such as gender, age range, income, interest and intent upon others.

Now that it had a list of intenders divided by car model, the agency increased the frequency on them during their consideration process to ensure remembrance and top of mind.

OOH is the media channel with the biggest penetration in the target so it used a DMP to identify the DOOH locations that were exposed to each of the four intenders segments. For doing this it delivered mobile impressions targeting a visible perimeter around each of the DOOH locations.

Then it used a DMP to measure the overlapping between the audiences of each of the four intenders segments versus the users impacted close to the DOOH locations.

Initiative placed cameras on the DOOH screens and used an advanced object detection software to measure the impacts in real time. It then optimised the campaign based on vehicles count, vehicles speed and vehicles brand. For the first time in Mexico and LatAm, it measured OOH in real time with a deterministic method.

Ads became highly relevant, each segment got connected to the right ad. Young entrepreneurs were able to see the X-1 ad while the successful people above 45 years old were impacted by the X-6 ad and so on.


According to a custom brand lift survey purchase consideration increased 25% while brand awareness increased 17% in the audiences that were exposed to the campaign. 

It generated high purchase consideration levels, noticed through a 13% increase on related terms searches at Google Search positioning BMW above its competitors.

Advertising campaigns impacted highly on the variables of Awareness and Consideration (17% and 25% respectively), increasing almost two digits, which is significantly important in the Luxury Car segment.

These indicators are related to a successful increase in sales vs. previous years, positioning the X Range as the most desired cars in the consideration set.

According to reports from DJ Power, BMW X Range sales increased 41% during the campaign's exposure, which meant placing 15 points above sales vs. previous year, this represented 26% of sales in this segment.

X5, the "star" product, achieved sales by increasing to 56% of sales vs. 37% last year.

This means that in addition to exceeding all the indicators of Awareness, Consideration and Sales, this campaign managed to reposition the brand with the most interesting features "Luxury, Dynamic% Sport", "Quality & Comfort", "Design, Style & Technology".

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November - December 2016
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