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Turn On Samsung - emPRENDÉ Samsung

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Samsung was launching its 360° devices including Gear VR, 360° camera and smartphones upgraded to take pictures and film with this technology integrated.  

But Samsung wasn’t the only brand communicating this, so agency Reprise's challenge was to create digital experiences to differentiate the brand from others. 

From a strong comms planning roundabout with the client and in partnership with one of the most relevant online TV channels of Uruguay (Canal M by Montevideo.COMM) the agency decided that the best way of tangibilizing the capabilities of this new technology was to show it in action.  

With its influencers analysis tool (Prophesee) Reprise detected the most influential entrepreneurs of the country to create an online show that could demonstrate how technology had been key in their development locally, and in some cases, globally. 

As the devices were cross target and massive, to strengthen the communication in digital platforms, focusing the communication on a digital TV channel very popular all over Uruguay, helped to reach these different targets which was itself a huge challenge.   

For this reason, the people interviewed should integrate different disciplines like, education, music, fashion, social projects, and creators of popular apps of everyday use, to empathise and engage with everyone. 


According to the influencers detector tool, the agency chose:  

- Rafael Atijas, creator of Loog Guitars that became really famous for being eco-friendly and supposed to be built by the buyer, with famous fans like Jack White of The White Stripes, Mick Jagger, etc. 

- Álvaro García, creator of the food delivery app Pedidos Ya that became a LatAm success. 

- Miguel Brechner, creator of the local version of the education project “One Laptop per child” (Plan Ceibal). 

- Juan Campodónico, former band member of the Grammy winner band Bajo Fondo Tango Club and currently using tech as the key of his new band called Campo, among others. 

All interviews were filmed in 360° and the conversations were focused on how tech helped them to achieve the success of their companies.  


Each interview had its teaser advertised in digital display and social media formats and the launch was every 15 days to measure each video impact correctly. 

During the three months that the digital show was online, the agency asked every influencer to wear or use the new Samsung’s devices to be part of the content of the interviews in a natural way and to facilitate that the viewers could decode the use and potential of each one of them, engaging with the different success stories to inspire the audience. 

This show expected to be a start-up and source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs letting them know that Samsung could be the perfect partner to achieve their dreams and goals. 


The campaign reached 50% of the Uruguayan population, which was key because the new Samsung products were targeted for massive audiences. 

Each video reached a view rate above the local benchmark and their success was so big that the digital TV channel chose to keep the content to still be seen on demand.  

The 360° camera sold out and Samsung’s Gear VR became the leader in sales in its category.  

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