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Propositos Nescafé

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Nescafé® has been an unbeatable leader in Mexico´s coffee market for more than 68 years due to a non-stop innovation philosophy at the core of its business communication and media strategies have been key for a sustainable success. By consistently combining functional and emotional messages, it has managed to retain a connection with its consumers.  

The Mexican coffee market is becoming more dynamic every day. New players, needs, media and consumers, forcing brands to be relevant and consistent with their promise through channels, formats and temporalities in order to attract all kind of individuals of different ages, socioeconomic levels and characters.  

Since 2014, Nescafé® aims to be the chosen drink to ignite, lead and celebrate new beginnings in a meaningful way. Nevertheless, despite being a cared brand among adult consumers, it has been losing relevance among 18 to 35-year olds due to a lack of common identity and compelling ideals with the brand. 

The challenge was to revitalise and connect Nescafé® with young consumers in its annual biggest campaign. Such had to be done through believable, engaging and relevant messages and content.  

The end of the year set the perfect canvas as it is an introspective and goal setting period where people establish new purposes for the year ahead. The campaign had to run through a non-traditional approach and media. TV commercials and print campaigns were insufficient to express Nescafe's unique point of view on beginnings as well as to transmit a credible and compelling message to the diverse audiences. 


The end of the year is the moment when we all want to start something new, get out of our daily routine, or at least, dream to have a new one. Hence, Nescafé®’s target was broad and challenging. It included all people who, regardless of their age or socioeconomic stratum, pursue a fresh start and at the same time, fear not to accomplish it working on it day by day.  

It had a compelling and relevant message for humanity but the agency needed to understand how it would connect with younger audiences. Through its in-depth data research Mindshare uncovered that millennials are also looking for improvement and new beginnings during this period but, sadly, they are soon discouraged and tend to abandon their new year resolutions very soon.  

The brand’s opportunity was to encourage and help people fulfil their new year’s resolutions, especially those who in the past had failed in their pursuit for various and unexpected reasons. Nescafe® would become their support as it was in the brand’s interest that everyone fulfils their dreams in 2017.  

In order to do so, Mindshare created a line of resolution labels that would remind people to accomplish their dreams every day as they drank their coffee. It used the packs as the media to distribute these new year resolution’s reminders. More than 300 different labels were created, using Google Insights to find the most popular Mexican New Year resolutions. 


The message was aligned and had to be clearly understood by a broad target. In order to do so, the agency started by changing its traditional way to activate the campaign.  

By labelling the coffee packages with 300 different resolutions, 15 million coffee bags became desirable objects that people could get purchase based on their own personal goals. Such became a customised reminder that would activate over the morning cup. 

To enhance the narrative experience, Mindshare released a flashy commercial that included George Harrison's iconic and catchy song, "Got my mind set on you". The brand was disruptive and gained relevance through unforgettable music that built up the communication goal. 

It took it further and tailored Mexico City through 240 different OOH materials: billboards, bus stands, kiosks and metro carriages and stands. Each message adapted to the selected location so to make it pertinent, interesting and entertaining. 

It took over the point of purchase; it covered coffee machines with messages on 180 outlets so consumers could enjoy a cup of coffee from a customised labelled machine. The agency used e-commerce to stimulate people to create their own message coffee jar and purchase it online. 


This integrated campaign managed to reach a very wide target and yet connect to a hyper segmented target. The brand remained loyal to its lifelong consumers while reaching younger audiences by creating a narrative that ran through innovative media and was customised to their own personal goals. 

By developing new channels like e-commerce, it became the top seller soluble coffee in a 

At the same time, purchases of a limited edition package increased by 10% during the activation period. Such is equivalent to the overall result of two of its competitors. Masterbrand's preference for the brand and the purchase attempt increased by approximately 200 basis points. 

The campaign’s message inspired over 20 unpaid influencers who joined this movement and created free content that reached more than three million views. The spot reached 90 million people. 

Digital media metrics reflected the campaign's success in becoming relevant amongst millennials: 
- Facebook reach: 29.8 million people. 
- Search: the campaign exceeded the BM of the CTR taking a CTR of 1.20 5 and reaching 8.70%. 
- Twitter: VTR 88% higher than the brand's history. The KPIs of the campaign were fulfilled. Impressions were exceeded by 2%. 
- YouTube Masthead: 112,633,100 impressions in one day and 2,566,092 Views. 

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Drinks (non-alcoholic)
December 2016 - February 2017
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