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Rexona Motion Games

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This campaign began from an increasingly relevant insight: as the world accelerates, people move less and become slower. Between athletes who would participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics and everyday people, there is more and more distance. 

With the purpose of understanding how much Argentineans move, Initiative carried out a study recognised sociologist and the results were stunning:  
- 97% of Argentines admit that if they were aware of the little movement they make in their lives they would do something to change it. 
- 93% are concerned about the time they spend sitting 
63% pronounced themselves in favour of walking short distances instead of using their cars or choosing stairs instead of escalators. 

The main driver responsible for this sedentary situation is technology: nowadays it allows us to do banking procedures without going to the bank, to make purchases without moving from our homes, to buy tickets or clothes from our mobile. Smartphones give solutions to many issues, but at the same time help to dispense body movements. 

But still, people that are incorporating wearables to their routines to measure their vital signs, are very few. There was a chance to exploit this trend. 


In the framework of this context, and with the aim of encouraging people to turn more into their daily routine, Rexona introduced its application for mobile phones: Motion Games. 

With Rexona the agency proposed to break that paradigm. It knew that if mobile served for so many things, it could also serve to make us move more.  

It turned the equation, using an application in which each movement adds up. 

Motion Games allows you to track your movements. The more you move, the more “motions” (points) you win. With Motion Games you can track how much you move, break your own records, add friends and create group challenges, where the one who moves the most will be the one that most motions add up. 

The application was the ideal medium to pass the message of "nothing protects you better than Rexona when you move," allowing the agency to generate conversation around the movement in a more relevant and relevant way. 

Initiative knew that developing an application from scratch would take too much time and budget, so it decided to work with Google to leverage the engine of an existing application and adapt it to its needs: Google Fit. Using the accelerometer of the smartphone, Google Fit measures the movements made by the user. 

On that basis it created Rexona Motion Games, an app that allows you to: 
• Track your movements by walking, running or cycling 
• Motivate the user with movement goals, showing progress and awarding results 
• Inspire others to move, allowing friends to be added and challenges created. 


The strategy was divided into two parts: in the first one it wanted to generate knowledge about the brand proposal, in the second to encourage participation. 

Both stages are complemented by an always on of incentive downloads. 

• Awareness: To generate awareness the Motion Games App, Initiative created a video asset that showed several situations of the target’s routine, the movers. The video assets ran in mobile environments geo-localised specifically to places were people tend to move. The video assets linked to the download app button. Which delivered users to the play store in order to download the app. These formats included Twitter cards, End card on YouTube, click to website posts on Facebook and “admobs” ads run by Google. 

• Participation: The second stage started in June. The goal was to invite people to move in their day to day with different executions. Three video assets were created, where the target is in the choice to move or not, and finally choose to move and add motions (motion count). The agency clustered the audience between those who downloaded the app encouraging them to use it and between those who had not downloaded, optimising different download formats. 

During July and August, the agency designed another piece in which parallels are made between the Olympics and the common people, under the concept "for the urban athlete". 


In five months it achieved 86,000 downloads, surpassing what was expected for this period. In the early months of the launch, Motion Games ranked as one of the top five health and fitness apps, outperforming Nike + and Google Fit. 

Brand metrics improved so much that the brand would keep the campaign for the following year. The first great contribution of the app was, according to its users, to raise awareness about how little they moved in their daily routine, which instantly motivated them to look for new ways to generate movement within the routine (Firefly qualitative study - July 2016). 

Brand Love rose four points in men and seven points in women. The Brand Equity rose 6.4 pts in men and 5.3 in women (Millward Brown). 

Rexona grew in penetration of 1% YTD. 

In April 2016 the brand reached a historical record in market share of 29.1%, gaining 1.2% in share in value in the Year To Date (CCR). 

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June - December 2016
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