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Reconquering A Nation: A Trailblazer Story

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Colombia had been suffering political turmoil for decades and that fact had prevented Colombians to go out and enjoy off-road Colombia in their SUVs. Rural roads in Colombia, the only LatAm country with three mountain chains, were perceived as dangerous. The peace process guaranteed safe roads for Colombians and this remarkable event allowed Chevrolet to put its SUV product at the centre of the conversation. Carat set out to invite people to find new roads freely. 


Invite Colombians to Reconquering their country land; a campaign that leveraged the country’s greatness and allowed it to demonstrate 2017 TrailBlazer SUV features. 

The agency challenged the market to make Colombians fall back in love with their country on a Trailblazer. It had many goals but few media dollars compared to the competitors so it decided to focus on assets it already had. The client had an annual event with Trailblazer owners called ‘Trailblazer Adventure’, which did not have mass appeal. On the other hand, the agency identified a strategic partner that was relevant to the target and shared the Trailblazer attitude. It united the two things and the multimedia Trailblazer launch campaign was born. 


The agency took the PR event and made it greater. It re-named it as Discover Your Way, a hint to both its media partner and Chevrolet Brand mantra. Carat developed video capsules in the surroundings of San Agustin Archaeological Park, an all-terrain (off road) territory where it could showcase all SUV features. Then, it was a matter of deploying an integral connections plan to invite the entire target to Re-discover their country.  

It boosted the PR event’s media potential with co-branded capsules for TV. Its media partner used the latest technology (drones, 360 cameras, etc) to produce content for OOH, LED Malls screens, YouTube360º Facebook (the first 360º video in Colombia for this category), airport screens and exclusive Autoshow content. It made the campaign significantly cost-effective and allowed the agency to leverage a truly multimedia plan. 

Beyond budget optimisation, the campaign also served as a customer loyalty activity for Trailblazer owners, and gave birth to an internal marketing campaign as well. 


It increased sales from 16% to 54% after the campaign. 

From January 2016 to September the average number of Trail Blazer SUV’s sold per month was 15.88, in October when the campaign started it sold 39 units, on November, 54 and on December, the last month for the campaign 50 units were sold.  

The campaign increased by 4% Chevrolet's market share in the SUV segment, going from 7% to 11% in October, 14% in November and a historic 15% by the end of December 2016. 

63% of respondents in an online panel (base: 1.300) said that Chevrolet and Discovery Partnership motivated them to go to dealers and experience the new Trailblazer.  

And 68% said their opinion about Chevrolet Trailblazer was more positive after the campaign. 

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