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Chilangos Sin Límites

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Big sporting events like the Olympics usually engage people with sports. However, in 2016 Mexico has very few athletes participating, and the National Sports Committee (CONADE) was immersed in a national scandal for the lack of support towards their athletes. Even though the Olympics were in the spotlight, the event lacked the local relevance necessary for brands to leverage it. Mexican athletes, and their supporters, stepped into the games with a sense of broken confidence. 

To make matters worse, Mexicans are not as involved in sports as they could be. The country has become increasingly sedentary. It has the second highest obese population in the world. 56% of Mexicans in urban areas are physically inactive (INEGI 2016). Moreover, because it is a soccer-obsessed nation, all other sports take a back seat, and even if the Olympics include soccer, they are far from being its ideal arena. 

One of the reasons behind all these ailments is that Mexico’s lag behind in regards to sports infrastructure. The country does not have enough courts, fields, tracks, and equipment to provide frictionless access to sports. It also doesn’t have the formal tournaments in to foster great athletes and fans for most of the sports featured in the Olympics. 


Nike's strategy was to ignite its inhabitants to become Chilangos Sin Límites (chilangos without limits, chilango being the slang for the city locals). The campaign was not only a call-to-arms inviting chilangos to engage in sports, it also looked to empower them by creating new spaces to practice sports and reasons to participate in physical activity.  

Chilangos Sin Límites took over the epicentre of the city’s most iconic neighbourhood where The Circuito Amsterdam is situated. It is a vibrant, walkable corridor at the heart of La Condesa. It is usually populated by hip dog-walkers and social butterflies. Nike transformed this corridor into a racing track and activated it with sports, 24/7, throughout the 17 days of the Olympics.  

Chilangos Sin Límites was more than a simple campaign. It encouraged Mexico City dwellers to come out from their sedentary states and make them move their bodies. The Olympics became the fuel for actual physical activity. Nike empowered chilangos to Just do It and in the process, discover what Nike can do for them in regards to equipment and sports accessories. 


Circuito Amsterdam, the most idyllic, oval walkway at the heart of Mexico City was transformed into a racetrack, a true trampoline for sports. The agency installed neon illumination that extended the campaigns visuals and hyperlocal guerrilla OOH.   

The makeshift racetrack was vitalised day and night during 17 days with activities that cater to specific sports. Soccer players warm up around the track, women run a women-only 5K race, skaters skate, basketball players dribble... Complementary competitions where staged in nearby courts so soccer and basketball players can face-off after their warm up laps. These activities where synchronised with the Olympic calendar, in tune with the zeitgeist. This goes on and on, non-stop, 24 hours a day for 17 days.  

Havas Media set up a Nike a pop-up store in a garage on the side of the urban racetrack. The store brought Nike products to chilangos and let them shop through 

It designed precisely geotagged mobile ads to invite consumers to the racetrack. Facebook and Twitter were used, through organic content and paid activity, to drive registrations on the Chilangos Sin Límites microsite, where participants chose when and how to keep the 27/7 action alive.  

Nike’s apps where also activated. All participants were encouraged to track their running and post their achievements through the Nike Running Club app, and to extend their workout with the Nike Training Club app. All the campaign was supported by a Nike concierge through Whatsapp. 


The activities around the Nike racetrack attracted 13K registrations, where +6K athletes ran a total of 28K km. 

Product demonstrations soared with 2.1K trials, twice the expected.  

Chilangos Sin Límites out-of-home activity achieved 42.6 million impacts. The activity fuelled 88.5 million social impressions that created 619K social engagements.  

The Nike apps generated 546K active users and 83K were new members. The Whatsapp concierge had 294 active users with an average of five interactions.  

Upon the installation of the lighting for the activity, a few but very vocal neighbours created a trending topic against the campaign. Nike’s fans, organically, orchestrated a counter attack rallying for #foquitosparacorrer and drowned out the detractors. 80% of mentions supported Nike on Twitter. 

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August - August 2016
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