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Suave Kids is the best shampoo choice for children since it produces no tears and makes bath time more entertaining through super fun brand characters on the product's pack. 

However, the “no tears” attribute is owned by J&J main competitor Baby Shampoo. 

Suave has “fun characters” on its packaging to appeal kids, but that might not be enough to win the category. 

The brand needed to take its brand purpose (to make bath time more entertaining for kids & their parents) to another level. 

The agency knows that kids are all about playing and having fun, especially with smartphones and tablets. 56% of kids in Argentina watch videos on mobile devices, being the most important activity online. When it comes to watching videos YouTube is THE place, where kids and family videos achieve more than four billion views worldwide. 

But what’s happening with parents? Co-viewing is phenomenon where kids watch content with their kids (60% of parents think that technology allows them to feel closer to their kids). 

Entertaining their kids with online video can be a solution but at the same time, according to a ESET study, 88% of parents are concerned about the content and context that their kids might be exposed. Kids being safe online is a real issue. 

Reaching kids online is a whole challenge since Google allows people from 18 years old to have an account and Facebook does the same from 13 years old. 


Initiative's strategy was to create brand utility for parents when it comes to bath time with their kids but also tackling their concerns about the context of the content that their kids watch. 

It knew that the best way to reach kids was via smartphones and tablets. It also knew that online video was the format where they spent most of the time. 

So, the agency did some research about what kids love to watch and among the most engaging videos found that videos with songs are the best performing videos for these kids. 

This was the key insight that it gave the content creators in order to think the best assets to engage with kids and parents.  

Considering all the concerns that parents have for web safety, and that the best way to engage with kids is trough video, (and songs!!) the agency partnered with YouTube Kids, the best place to reach kids with quality content: 
- +10 million installs 
- #1 app in IOS for kids 
4+ rating in IOS and android. 

Its launch was happening and Initiative knew it was the best choice. YouTube kids provides a safe environment, targeting capabilities and perfect for children. 

It was going to be the first in the market to have presence on this platform, gaining relevance among parents and achieving a differential that the brand's competitors would not have. 


The agency created “Suaventuras”, an animated series taking the brand characters from the packs and transforming them into online video content. So that mums & dads would consider Suave Kids as the funniest way to bath their kids, providing entertainment outside and inside the bath. 

It created educational songs with the four characters that represent different product varieties (Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry and Chamomile) knowing that is the best way to engage with children. 

It created eight Suaventuras” episodes, two for each character. Each song would use familiar melodies to engage with kids, with a top duration of one minute and a half minutes, inviting kids to sing learn, and take a bath!  

The agency began creating awareness of the character’s through YouTube Kids App with skippable and non-skippable ads and was present in “Premium” kids channels on YouTube, capitalising the 100% of views it had. 

It took learnings about the most popular content seen by kids con YouTube and replicated titles, keywords, descriptions and annotations to optimise its content.  

It created colourful iconography and banners that would be easy to remember for kids.  

The same with titles: easy to finds keywords with no more than 65 characters. Initiative implemented playlist to organise videos and created miniature characters that seem friendlier for kids.   

It used Facebook and display programmatic with videos of the episodes targeting co-viewing parents, as well as a search strategy on Google & YouTube where it placed Discovery Ads. 

The agency also took it forward by creating a gaming mobile rich media. 


The campaign achieved more than 10,000,000 views. 

The episodes were so engaging that the channel got 6,400 subscribers, creating 10% organic reach, 10 times more than any brand channel. 

One in every two kids watched the complete episodes & songs!! Meaning an incredible completion rate. 

On Facebook it reached 87% of parents. 

Via programmatic it reached 54% of parents, achieving with rich media formats an incredible engagement rate of 13.7% (against 3.90% benchmark). 

Discovery ads delivered highly engaged views with a VTR of 4.60%, when usually these ads delivered views with an average VTR of 0.8%. 

But most importantly, it helped parents and kids making bath time funnier with great content in a safe context. 

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Brand Owner:
Baby Care
July - December 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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