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Olympic Moms

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While all cameras focused on athletes’ performance, P&G focused on the relentless supporters of its success: its moms.  


The target audience was wide, but the one thing they all had in common was a deep appreciation for the effort that mothers dedicate to their children throughout their lives. has a deep relationship with this audience, as it’s not only the digital channel people look to for news, but also anything pop culture related. So Grey teamed up with them and used their reach to create and spread content that made Brazilians connect with the brand almost every day of the Olympics.  


Thanks to a partnership with, the agency gained access to the arenas and was able to follow the moms of the athletes very closely. At every game, a camera crew was allocated to document the emotional rollercoaster the mothers of the athletes go through. As soon as a game was finished, it edited the content on the fly and used to spread it throughout its media channels, including Globo Esporte – Brazil’s largest sports portal with more than eight million followers on Facebook. The content sat on a hotsite within so when people accessed the portal, they were offered to watch the moms’ reactions in real time. 


This campaign grabbed Brazilians by the heart with content no one else has captured, and they connected with the stories so deeply that one of the videos became the most shared branded content during the Olympics.  

For the first time ever, Globo Esporte used a piece of branded content as an editorial piece. The 16 videos received over 70 million combined views and attracted two billion brand impressions. The mother of the athletes became characters in pop culture and one of them went on live TV to teach Brazilians her new chant. The campaign generated ROI of 65, P&G’s best performance ever in Brazil. 

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