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Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is a celebration celebrated in honour of mothers around the world, at different times of the year according to the country and with different celebrations. On this day, Rosatel wanted to show mothers how important they are and how its flowers are always present in that celebration. 

Sending flowers to a woman (in this case to a mother) is the best way to show how much you love her. It makes her feel special at least during that day among her acquaintances. Have no doubt that if she receives flowers, in less than 24 hours her relatives and friends will know. In fact, the whole country will know. 

Imagine, for example, giving her a beautiful bouquet and adding to that a pleasant surprise on her first Mother's Day... 


Show women that their experiences inspire and connect people, because behind each of them there are daily stories that tell their essence and become the engine. 

And the agency discovered that they tell their stories in social networks and that thanks to them the content travels without borders. 

So it decided to use social media as a means to tell a story and make it inspiring content for everyone. 

For that reason, the influencers were the channel, a special couple in Peru Jesús Alzamora and María Paz González. Jesus was aware of the campaign and his wife Maria Paz who was going to celebrate her first Mother's Day would be the protagonist of the story it was about to tell. 

With Rosatel's invitation to surprise Mother's on their day it discovered that they love to be different and that being different is what they value most. Beautiful, authentic and unique details. 


What if you are going to celebrate your first Mother's Day and your husband is not there to celebrate with you? That was the question that ran through the head of Maria Paz Gonzalez. 

Together with Jesus, it planned to tell María Paz that he was not going to be in Peru for that day and that no matter how hard he tried it had not been possible to change his airplane ticket. 

Together with FLUVIP that May 12thRosatel created video content when it was about to surprise María Paz on her first Mother's Day. 

A simple action that caused a great reaction. 

Content in which the brand is a primary part of the great gift of the Mother's Day. 


In addition to achieving a great reaction from María Paz the brand obtained the following in two days of the campaign: 

Impacting more than 1,933,593 users on Facebook, it obtained a gain of 186.04% against the estimated reach of the campaign that was 675,991 users. 

It achieved an Engagement rate of 33%. 

1,114,170 interactions obtained during the two days of campaign, in addition Maria Paz shared the video on her FanPage and achieved: more than 100,000 shares and 40,000 interactions. 

With a CPE of $1 cent USD, a cost never before seen in Peru.  

Additionally, it was mentioned by Peruvian media where they shared the video and thus extended the scope and message to many more users. 

And the client saw how his brand positioned itself as the first option when sending flowers in Peru. 

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May - May 2017
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