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Cry in Spanish 2.0

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What happens when you take the most iconic meme-worthy telenovela villain of all time and lock her up in the Orange is the New Black prison? 


Netflix was ready to launch the much-expected 5th Season of its award-winning show Orange is the New Black (OITNB). This season's story centered around the Latina rebellion inside Litchfield. It knew its Hispanic audience would especially love this season, so it wanted to reach them by creating an activation that was tailored to Latin America.  

Orange Is The New Black could (sometimes) be like a Mexican Telenovela: both have a dramatic storyline, catfights, and over-the-top villains. What if it turned OINTB into a Mexican Telenovela? Lightbulb! What if the most iconic telenovela villain of all time, the queen of the Internet meme herself, Soraya Montenegro, would get transferred to Litchfield terrorising the inmates with her infamous "Maldita Lisiada" performance? “Naranja Es El Nuevo Negro" was born. *Or Orange is the New Black in Spanish, starring Itatí Cantoral, the actress that gave life to many villains in Mexico in the 80s and 90s. 


The first part of this activation happened in 2016 for the launch of season four. Using a little movie magic, it seamlessly mashed up scenes from the show's three previous Seasons with newly staged material featuring Itati Cantoral in an orange jumpsuit acting as if she was really in the show and had been responsible for the most memorable scenes.  

News that the famous Itati Cantoral would be associated with Netflix’s Orange is the New Black was involuntarily leaked to the press (Seriously!) one week before the release of the video. The world went mad! The leak generated press assuring Itati Cantoral was going to be part of Season five, fans even created a petition page to get her in the show.  

So Netflix decided to treat fans with an activation that made their dreams come true: Bring Itatí back to Litchfield once again… but this time for real!  


It knew that Itati sharing a scene with characters of the show would be an immediate buzz, would create major conspiracy theories of how she might be on the fifth season. So it decided to give the people what they want! Netflix invited Itatí Cantoral to film on the set of the show in New York, and not as it had done before with editing tricks, and made her try to become the newest addition to the Litchfield prison, as the newest bunk mate to our lovable latina couple: #Flaritza (played by Jackie Cruz as La Flaca & Diana Guerrero as Maritza). 

So the story goes, as the Latinas realise that it is indeed THE Soraya Montenegro - Itatí Cantoral the telenovela star of their youth- who is their new bunkmate, they react in full fan girl fashion and beg Itatí to recreate the famous Maldita Lisiada scene. Itatí in turn tries to stay in character, because she (the actress) wants to get hired for Season five! A very funny back and forth ensues as she teaches them her telenovela acting skills, auditioning to become the newest member of the cast… all ending terribly for her as all they really want her to do is #CryInSpanish. 


The results of the video were as expected and the conversation went viral in matter of minutes. This video broke all kinds of records and it became the most successful marketing video of Netflix worldwide. It had unprecedented video views with 36 MILLION views! It got covered in over 200 news and entertainment portals globally.  

- 29 million organic views 
- 26 million views in 24 hours 
- 36 million combined views  

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Publishing & Broadcasting
Latin America
May - May 2017
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