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Everybody Wants To Be Batman (LEGO)

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Humour is one of the most powerful characteristics within the Mexican culture. The LEGO Batman movie has a huge weight around irreverent-humour that Initiative identified like a key asset to leverage from allowing the brand to connect with the Mexican audience: Kids and Adults.  

Another key aspect of the Mexican audience is the fact that people are so interested on those brands that allows them to personalise the experience and to interact cross-screens with their brands. 


The movie industry often has campaigns oriented towards reaching a large number of people in a very short period of time. 

For this movie, particularly young Millennials, weren´t fully engaged with the film. What if it allowed them to become a Lego Batman character and be part of the creative art? (Interact and Personalise). 

Levering two key pillars (personalisation and interaction) the strategy was to create a campaign in which people can create Sig Figs (personalised avatars) related to the film and then published on the digital billboards of their choice satisficing both communication needs to be more attractive to the millennials through the three media with high performance on this target (DOOH + PaidTV + Mobile) but in a different way to be an interactive campaign on a traditional media. 

To add up effectiveness to the campaign, the agency had programmatic buying on traditional media that allowed it to generate cross-device data in order to have a hyper-segmented digital OOH selection aimed to connect with irreverent-humour lovers, for whom Lego Batman was a perfect match with their interests. 


For the very first time for Warner Pictures in Mexico, it included a Programmatic TV campaign that allowed the agency to identify irreverent-humour consumers for whom this kind of humour represents something relevant they would love to engage with, it allowed it to understand them better, to create the right communication at the right moment (DOOH).  

Once it had identified the irreverent humour seekers, Initiative analysed their commuting behaviours by using cross device data on mobile and recording every time they passed by any digital billboard in order to determine the most transited spots and schedules. With all this data Warner Bros created a web site in which people could create a personalised Sig fig (a kind of avatar).  

Once people had their avatar ready, they were able to choose the digital billboard from the digital screens previously determined in which they wanted their avatar to appear.  

On the same website a gallery was created so people could get a screen shot taken when their sig fig was displayed on the digital billboard, and they also were able to share that picture on social networks.  

This way the brand owned the screens that mattered to its target audience (Digital OOH, Programmatic TV and mobile) and was smarter using traditional media matching it with data to be more relevant and specific. 


• More than 25,000 Sig Fig were created 
• 5,000 Sig fig were publicised on digital screens 
• From the start of the campaign, the buzz around the movie doubled 
• The aggressive Box Office surpassed from the initial estimated goal, this was a major achievement considering Warner only surpass the BO objectives in three or four movies per year. 
• As there weren´t great expectations in regards to Lego Batman in terms of box office, media published several notes regarding to the surprising BO results during the first two weeks making the movie more desirable. 

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Warner Brothers
January - February 2017
Media Channel:
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