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SABI Chef Bot

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Bouillons category is traditional in Colombia market, there are two main players: Knorr and Maggi as the main competitor and leader with more than 50% of share of market. Kantar research during 2016 showed the perception of Knorr in the Colombian households tends to identify Knorr as a brand with low values of differentiation vs other brands. That perception comes in the majority of cases from the heavy users of Maggi.   

The opportunity of Knorr was based on giving up the traditional way focusing the communication to a new segment (the millennials) which represents 30% of the Colombian population. Digital listening allowed agency Initiative to discover that this segment demonstrate a high interest in topics related to the kitchen with more than 1,800,000 daily mentions made. This information allowed it to understand that millennials are inexperienced in the kitchen, but they wish to learn about it. For that reason they read blogs and digital forums to improve their experience. It showed that millennials are searching for instant solutions; they are looking for an ally in one precise moment. 

To reach this target was difficult and it meant a change in the communication strategy and the usage of technology as bridge to establish a connection with the audience. 


The Knorr communication strategy was focused on being present in the lives of the target in a relevant way, being a tool to inspire them in the kitchen and bring them instant solutions. The agency found some key factors that influenced the strategy: 

• Millennials are digital. 72% have a smartphone. Source: TGI (Target group index) 

• Millennials express what they do, listen, feel, and see daily on social media mainly on Facebook. Source: CMI center for marketing intelligence. 

• Millennials have the FOMO phenomenon (Fear Of Missing Out). For Millennials it is important to know everything that happens in the world mainly in entertainment topics. Source: Research Computers in Human Behaviour. 

These three factors inspired Initiative's strategy and it created “SABI” (Instant flavour), the first chef bot (bot: an informatics programme that mimics the human behaviour). That bot was launched for LATAM available in Facebook messenger app. SABI offers the target practical and easy recipes to inspire them during their food preparation 24/7. The communication tone that SABI uses is: uncomplicated, active, spontaneous, relaxing, friendly, expert, modern, extroverted and irreverent, and that tone is the same that millennials uses in their lives.  


Facebook was a key partner for the development of SABI and the agency used the social network within its mainstream media to generate reach and at the same time raise awareness. 

It was the first bot in LATAM for cooking issues. SABI works with an automatised system of artificial intelligence that has the function of bringing attention to the target. On one hand inside the basics interactions there is the greeting action and the offering of help in kitchen topics, and on the other hand there are advanced options giving thousands of predetermined answers for recipe preparation. 

During the implementation the agency identified two important clusters that allowed it to guarantee the reach objective: men with interests in kitchen topics (universe: 4,602,477), women with interests in kitchen topics (universe: 5,903,772). At the same time, it generated engagement with personalised content using three small clusters: 1. People that are far away from home, 2. Women that are celebrating anniversary or are recently married, and 3. Men & women with Christmas interests, to take advantage of the season that coincided with the launch of SABI. 

The creative challenge to announce SABI was based on the viral phenomenon of the moment: the “mannequin challenge” (world internet phenomenon where people imitate mannequins). The creativities where videos with real Millennials situations in the kitchen. Copy example of the announcements (videos): how many times did you block when she said: I don’t know what to eat? Send a message to SABI; it will guide you to cook the best recipes. 


Brand results:  
 Increase spontaneous awareness of Knorr (+ 6 points) from 6% to 12% - according to Kantar Millward Brown 
 Increase the favourability of the brand, it means a very favourable perception around Knorr (+3.7points) - according to Kantar Millward Brown. 
• Since the SABI implementation the TOP of mind of KNORR grew 13% vs last campaign - according to RAC research (awareness, attitude and purchase). 
 In the bought brands indicator Knorr increased 12% on millennials target vs the same period of the last year. Source: RAC research (awareness, attitude and purchase).   

Digital results: 

• Reached 75% of target group (6,200,000 persons on Facebook) 58% women and 32% men. To highlight an important point the 99% of the users were reached by mobile. Source: Facebook Business. 
• 73% of the people who did click on the announcements (promoted posts) started a conversation with SABI. Source: Facebook Business. 
• The conversations with SABI have been 127,015. Source: Facebook Business. 

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December - December 2016
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