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Ben and Jerry's On Demand Ice Cream

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Millennial urbanites are needy. They have increasing expectations around the demand for products and services to cater to their lifestyle in a way that makes it easier on them. With students back on campus and Netflix binging season on the rise, Mindshare knew this would be an ideal time for Ben & Jerry’s to connect directly to this generation and make purchasing a pint of ice cream simple and easy. They also continue to spend more and more time on social media, especially via mobile devices. Based on these two behaviours, a Chat Bot through Facebook Messenger gave Ben & Jerry’s a unique and new way to offer consumers a way to devour a pint of ice cream.  


What’s better than a pint of your favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?  

A pint of your favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, delivered to you in less than 30 minutes! 

As a company, Unilever’s social buys are usually focused on reach as the primary KPI however, this e-commerce campaign allowed the agency to measure real time conversion to sale. 

Based on its target audience of urban millennials with the need for convenience the creative spoke to aspects like binge watching TV, date night delivered, delivery in 30 mins or less. 

With social being the key media push, ads across both key platforms of FB & Instagram and the use of new messenger ad format + various creative for optimisation. 

The solution: an Ice Cream Chat Bot through Facebook Messenger was born, giving Ben & Jerry’s a unique and new way to offer consumers a way to devour a pint of ice cream during their Netflix binges. Consumers would simply log on, pick their favourite pint, tracked their orders in real-time, interacted with Ben & Jerry’s very own Ice Cream gurus, while they wait for their curbside delivery in a matter of minutes. Through paid media it drove top-of-mind awareness during peak munchie time. 


A myriad of ad units, copy + image variations and targeting nuances were leveraged during the campaign to help maximise leads. In addition to the traditional direct response vehicles and buying options from Facebook, the agency was able to secure participation in a first to market Facebook Messenger ad alpha test. The Messenger units were the perfect ad option to drive this new behaviour in Canada of using a Chat Bot to interact with brands.  

Being a first-to-market Facebook alpha test, means that this interaction between brands and its consumers had never been seen before and consumers were ecstatic to be a part of this first. 


By optimising media on a daily basis Ben & Jerry’s was able to sell 4x more pints from the start to finish of the campaign which launched on September 27th, 2016.  

The paid media cost per lead decreased by 28% over the course of the campaign and able to average a seven minute delivery time! The fact that it was able to shorten the gap for point of sale direct to consumers, this direct to consumer approach, the ice cream bot became number one retail location without stealing shares all through incremental sales and more importantly, all through media.  

Even better, Ben & Jerry’s continues on its upward trajectory of year over year double digit growth and Unilever garnered valuable learning to apply to Global and Local campaigns moving forward.  

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Ben and Jerrys
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September - October 2016
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