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In the flight travel industry 40% of customers make their purchase decision mainly based on the ticket price, that’s why competition is very high among airline carriers and prices change constantly, which produces opportunities that have to be seized at each hour. The important thing here is to show a competitive price at each of those competition frames quickly in order not to lose sales in front of a competitor that has already updated their prices. The objective is to keep ads with fresh prices to keep up with the competition. 

In this highly competitive context, airline carriers need to capitalise on the passenger growth in the industry and grow their own businesses. The main challenge is to avoid losing digital spaces to the competition, trying to increase sales and keeping it efficient to offer better services at the same or lower cost. 


As airline carriers constantly integrate their competitor’s changes, hence modifying their fare offer among this changing background, the best way to respond to this high competition in digital media is immediately. To achieve this, the information displayed in an ad needs to change quickly enough to avoid losing customers, and make sure this fare data comes from the most direct source possible.  

At the same time, to improve on efficiency it needs to display those ads only to users that have showed purchase intent, therefore the media purchase will be focused on maximising sales on a limited budget. 


Reprise built dynamic ads and developed a proprietary tool API to Feed, which makes it possible to have ads that refresh automatically without the need for a team to operate them, therefore responding to the competition at any time with the most up to date fares. 

The first step was to find a way to obtain fare data directly from the client’s ecommerce platform to display them in ads. For this it developed a proprietary tool for this client called API to Feed. With this tool it can extract fare data from the client’s ecommerce and then transform it into fare lists which can be loaded to different ads platforms (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, DoubleClick and Criteo). Besides showing fare conditions exactly as the airline carrier wants to advertise, this tool has the ability to automate the extraction of data and send it into the ads platforms, refreshing fare information for ads up to four times a day. 

On the other hand, it needed flexible ads that could reflect those fare changes constantly. For this, Reprise converted its traditional creative to make them dynamic and that way using the most up to date information. 


Using this technology, it was possible to be more efficient on the media buying, allowing to lower the cost of driving a flight ticket sale and hence increasing 25% transactions using this format. 

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