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Bringing to Mexico the North Pole Star

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Every year people around the world put a huge amount of effort to keep the magic of Christmas alive. From mums and dads in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner, to those last-minute shoppers making sure everyone has a present, it can be hard work making Christmas special. 

Even Santa gets tired after delivering millions of gifts all around the globe. 

MediaCom's insight was that making Christmas special meant celebrating those who worked so hard to make it happen. It was time to thank them for their selfless dedication to others. The brand had to be present during that special season and with Coca-Cola, make the moment unforgettable and MAGICAL.  

On Christmas, everyone is expecting gifts that allow them to have relevant experiences to share with their loved ones. It wanted to give a magical gift to all who still believe in Christmas. 

The opportunity lay in the long tradition of outdoor events during the holiday season. These are a staple of Christmas activity and, historically, have been a key channel for Coca-Cola. The agency used the most un-tapped outdoor platform – the sky. It was the perfect canvas to celebrate the “special family moments” of Christmas and thank those who help make it happen. 


Mexico is the country with the highest reach in social media in the world as the Mexicans spend more than eight hours per day on social networks. It also has the highest growth of fan pages in Latin America. The agency knew that to increase Brand Love it would need to surprise audiences by leveraging on the power of new technology.  

MediaCom did substantial research regarding drones and how they will be impacting several industries. With leading industry authority PriceWaterhouseCoopers claiming drone powered solutions in all industries will be worth $127bn by 2020, it saw an opportunity to make Coca-Cola the first brand in the world to make a huge impact in drone advertising.  

It would do something never seen before, bring the North Pole Star to Monterrey and, additionally, it wanted to see for the first time in history the iconic bottle of Coca-Cola in the sky. 


In February 2017’s Super Bowl halftime, Lady Gaga’s show included 300 pre-recorded drones flying in the sky… but that was NOT the first time. 

On December 18th 2016, 9:00 p.m., a cold night in Monterrey, Coca-Cola had already communicated in a completely innovative way, something never seen before, LIVE.  

With 100,000 people on the ground enjoying the Coca-Cola caravan, the agency kicked off a show by dimming the lights and shined a spotlight on Santa who explained to everyone that he needed their help delivering the last of his presents to Mexican families. He said he would bring the lights of the North Pole Star but needed the audience’s support.  

The audience shouted to show their massive support and delight that the lights of the North Pole would shine for them. And suddenly the lights in the sky shone brightly. Coca-Cola brought the North Pole lights through drones. 

The drones began to spiral and shape the North Pole Star in the sky lighting up all of Monterey; people stared at the sky in utter disbelief. "Taste the feeling", Coca-Cola’s official song, started to play as the drones drew shapes in the sky above.  

The grand finale showed the iconic bottle of Coca-Cola up high in the sky allowing all families to share this incredible experience together. 


Brand Love grew impressive +13 points in Monterrey amongst the target (47% to 60%). Mums, a key target for Coca-Cola to build household consumption, grew by a massive 25 points in Monterrey (58% to 83%) and eight points (51 % to 59%) in national levels.  

In just eight days, from December 15th to December 23rd, total reach on Facebook was 47.5 million, getting the highest number of likes and shares in Mexico, and over indexing the second most popular video by a 335% in likes (165,000 vs 49,000), and 330 % in shares (30,000 vs 9,000).  

YouTube also ensured it shared the magic with a vast audience, receiving over eight million views on Coca-Cola’s official channel and another two million on Intel’s. Twitter also helped generate another three million impressions. 

Coca-Cola had successfully brought the magic back to Christmas, and gave heroes something they’d never forget. 

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